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Material-UI / material-ui

React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

javascript framework react components material design material design

kriasoft / react-starter-kit

Isomorphic web app boilerplate ♥ ♥ | open hours:

javascript facebook react starter kit skeleton

gaearon / react-hot-loader

Webpack loader that enables live-editing React components without unmounting or losing their state

javascript webpack loader enables live-editing react

survivejs / react

Feel free to ask questions related to the book content or React here. I'll get to them eventually. Stack Overflow or Reactiflux is likely faster for general questions, though.

javascript webpack react book

redux-observable / redux-observable

RxJS middleware for action side effects in Redux using “Epics”

react redux rxjs

airbnb / enzyme

JavaScript Testing utilities for React

javascript react testing

yelouafi / redux-saga

An alternative side effect model for Redux apps

react redux

reactkr / discuss

React 자바스크립트 라이브러리에 대해 이야기하는 공간입니다.


developit / preact

We've moved! Join our Slack:

virtual dom components functional react

tonsky / rum

Yet another React wrapper for ClojureScript. Decomplected, extensible, simple

clojure react wrapper clojurescript decomplected extensible

martyjs / marty

A Javascript library for state management in React applications

javascript library state management react applications

omniscientjs / omniscient

A library providing an abstraction for React components that allows for fast top-down rendering embracing immutable data for js

javascript library providing abstraction react components

gpbl / isomorphic500

A small “isomorphic” app built with React and Fluxible

javascript small app built react fluxible

choonkending / react-webpack-node

Boilerplate for an isomorphic React + Flux application with alt using webpack running on a node express server

javascript boilerplate isomorphic react flux application

moreartyjs / moreartyjs

Morearty.js - better state management for React in pure JavaScript

javascript moreartyjs state management react pure

SmartFocus / reactjs

React is Awesome! All are welcome but please use English, unless you’re swearing.

react awesome

plouc / mozaik

Mozaïk is a tool based on nodejs / react / d3 / stylus to easily craft beautiful dashboards.

javascript tool based nodejs react d3

reactla / reactla

Welcome to #ReactLA! Feel free to hang out, say hello and talk about your project.

react reactla react-native flux

appsforartists / ambidex

Effortlessly host your React app on both the client and the server. Some call it isomorphic JavaScript - we call it Ambidex.

javascript effortlessly host react app client

dozoisch / koa-react-full-example

Full example using Koa, React, Passport, Mongoose, Webpack, Mocha

javascript full koa react passport mongoose

coodoo / react-alt-isomorphic-example

An isomorphic example built with react and alt, see readme for detailed instructions

javascript isomorphic built react alt readme

ran / Lobby

⚡️ RAN! React . Apollo (GraphQL) . Next.js Toolkit ⚡️

javascript react node.js next.js graphql