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tpolecat / doobie

Deprecated. Please move to https://sca.la/typeleveldiscord

scala principled database access

tonsky / datascript

Immutable database and Datalog query engine in ClojureScript

clojure immutable database datalog query engine

speedment / speedment

Speedment is a Stream ORM Java Toolkit and Runtime

java wrap database

openprocurement / openprocurement.api

API interface to OpenProcurement database. Обговорення питань інтеграції та ідентифікація помилок.

python api interface openprocurement database

directus / directus

Directus is a headless CMS written in backbone.js that provides a feature-rich environment for rapid development and management of custom database schemas.

cms cmf directus headless database backbone.js db sql mysql

velvia / FiloDB

High-performance distributed analytical database + Spark SQL queries + built for streaming

scala distributed columnar versioned olap database

ADOdb / ADOdb

PHP class library to provide powerful abstractions for performing queries and managing databases.

php adodb database library

tile38 / tile38

Fast GIS data store, spatial index, and realtime geofence. (Please contribute your use case to https://github.com/tidwall/tile38)

gis golang geofence database redis tile38 gps geo geospatial db

couchbase / couchbase-lite-ios

Lightweight, embedded, syncable NoSQL database engine for iOS (and Mac!) apps.

objective-c lightweight embedded syncable nosql database

cinchapi / concourse

ConcourseDB is a self-tuning database that makes it easy to quickly build reliable and scalable systems. Concourse dynamically adapts to any application and offers features like automatic indexing, version control, and distributed ACID transactions within a big data platform that manages itself, reduces costs and frees developers to focus on core business problems.

java concoursedb self-tuning database makes easy

DIYbiosphere / sphere

A collaborative database of Do-it-Yourself Biology initiatives

database DIYbio biohacking website

DevrexLabs / OrigoDB

OrigoDB - In-memory database engine for NET/Mono

origodb in-memory database engine

cosh / fallen-8

Fallen-8 is an in-memory graph database implemented in C#.

fallen-8 in-memory graph database implemented

mauricio / postgresql-async

Async, Netty based, database drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL written in Scala

scala async netty based database drivers

wencanluo / good-bad-names-for-GN

Classify the Scientific names database as 'trusted' or 'not trusted'

classify scientific names database trusted

chucknorris / roundhouse

RoundhousE is a Database Migration Utility for .NET using sql files and versioning based on source control

roundhouse database migration utility net sql

arvindr21 / diskDB

A Lightweight Disk based JSON Database with a MongoDB like API for Node

javascript lightweight disk based json database

jofpin / swifost

Lightweight static site generator in PHP without a database. website: http://swifost.com/ Github code: https://github.com/jofpin/swifost

php lightweight awesome cms database

mcollina / levelgraph

Graph database built on top of LevelUP with pattern-matching and join support. Works on both Node.js and the browsers.

javascript graph database built top levelup

WildGums / Orc.DbToCsv

Extracts data from database tables or views and creates corresponding csv files

extracts data database tables views creates