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docker / docker

Docker - the open-source application container engine. This chat is intended for contributors new to the Docker project or new to open source. For user help, please goto #docker on freenode. For advanced contributors please goto #docker-dev on freenode.

go docker open-source application container engine devops

Activiti / Activiti7


bpmn activiti spring-boot spring-cloud kubernetes helm docker

dev-ua / devops

DevOps for Developers and Ops people. FAQ: https://gist.github.com/listochkin/c81c198a2b7b044a0dc5

devops docker ansible chef aws mesos Ukraine ukrainian russian belorussian Eastern Europe

portainer / Lobby

This channel is deprecated. Please use our Slack community channel instead: https://portainer.slack.com/join/shared_invite/enQtNDk3ODQ5MjI2MjI4LTcwNGYxMWQ5OGViYWZkNDY2ZjY4YTMwMTgzYmU4YmNiOTU0MDcxYmJjNTIyYmQ0MTM5Y2QwNTg3NzNkMTk5MDg

docker UI swarm

google / jib

Chat directly with the team! (What do you like best about Jib? What needs to be improved? Please tell us by taking a one-minute survey: https://forms.gle/YRFeamGj51xmgnx28)

containers java kubernetes docker

elgalu / docker-selenium

Docker build to spawn selenium standalone servers with Chrome and Firefox

shell docker build spawn selenium standalone

ovh / container-registry

This channel is closed. Please join us on Discord : https://discord.gg/27yHfTpv9z

ovh containers registry container k8s docker

BretFisher / velocity-sj17

Docker Orchestration Workshop at O'Reilly Velocity San Jose 2017

docker conference workshop swarm

smebberson / docker-alpine

Docker containers running Alpine linux and s6 for process management. Sold, reliable containers.

docker containers linux alpine-linux microservices

Transmode / gradle-docker

A Gradle plugin to build Docker images from the build script.

groovy gradle plugin build docker images

Keitaro / docker-ckan

Welcome to the Dockerized CKAN Gitter chat! Please feel free to discuss all Docker, kubernetes etc chat on how to run CKAN.

docker ckan kubernetes open data

atc- / docker-registry-ui

A web UI for easy private/local Docker Registry integration

groovy web ui easy docker registry

tleyden / open-ocr

Run your own OCR-as-a-Service using Tesseract and Docker

go run ocr-as-a-service tesseract docker

markround / tiller

A dynamic configuration file generation tool, particularly useful with Docker containers

docker tiller ruby configuration

goldmann / docker-squash

A swiss-knife tool that could be useful for people working with Docker

python swiss-knife tool people working docker

fgrehm / devstep

Development environment builder powered by Docker and buildpacks

shell development environment builder powered docker

pmoust / squid-deb-proxy

Docker image of a generic squid-deb-proxy server - Use in your local organisation / LAN

shell docker image generic squid-deb-proxy server

feelobot / gantree

cli tool for automating docker deploys to elastic beanstalk

ruby cli tool automating docker deploys

ViDA-NYU / reprozip

ReproZip is a tool that simplifies the process of creating reproducible experiments from command-line executions, a frequently-used common denominator in computational science.

NYU python reproducibility docker vagrant

pmoust / s3s3mirror-docker

A docker executable to mirror an S3 bucker to another.

docker executable mirror s3 bucker