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jitpack /

Repository for documentation and issues of service

repository documentation issues service

asciidoctor / asciidoctor

The official chat room for Asciidoctor, a modern text processor and publishing toolchain for the AsciiDoc markup language.

AsciiDoc Asciidoctor documentation

antora / users

Community support for Antora, the static site generator for making documentation sites based on AsciiDoc.

Antora AsciiDoc Asciidoctor documentation

Microsoft / VSProjectSystem

Documentation for extending Visual Studio with new types of projects.

documentation extending visual studio types projects

jenkinsci / docs

Chat for collaborating on Jenkins user and developer documentation.

jenkins documentation sig

TypeStrong / typedoc

Discussion on how to use and develop the TypeDoc tool

typescript documentation

antora / dev

Development discussions (i.e., software architecture and project management) about Antora, the static site generator for making documentation sites based on AsciiDoc.

Antora AsciiDoc Asciidoctor documentation

angular / dgeni

Flexible JavaScript documentation generator used by AngularJS, Protractor and other JS projects

javascript flexible documentation generator angularjs protractor

lsegal / yard

YARD is a Ruby Documentation tool. The Y stands for "Yay!"

ruby yard documentation tool stands yay

docpress / Lobby

Docs: — GitHub:

docpress documentation javascript js

hackers4peace / plp-docs

merging `plp-provider` and `webprofiled`, but first making beautiful maps and timelines

portable linked profiles documentation

NuNetwork / documentation

Documentation for how to use and integrate with the Nu cryptoasset client, core protocol and its consensus and transactional tokens, NuShares (NSR) and NuBits (NBT).

css documentation integrate nu cryptoasset client

venzee / api-support

Welcome! You're in the right place for technical questions and advice around best practises. For account questions, contact

php public repository documentation sdk developer angular node.js api ecommerce retail manufacturing

neogeek / doxdox

JSDoc to Markdown, Bootstrap, and custom Handlebars template documentation generator.

javascript html markdown documentation generator

InitialState / public-api-docs

Ask questions to us or the community and submit feedback, if no one is around to answer, feel free to email us!

documentation consuming initial state logging api

theseer / phpdox

Documentation generator for PHP Code using standard technology (SRC, DOCBLOCK, XML and XSLT)

php documentation generator code standard technology

reqres-api / reqres_rspec

Generates API documentation in PDF, HTML, JSON, YAML format for integration tests written with RSpec

ruby generates api documentation pdf html

HHS / meshrdf

Code and documentation for the release of MeSH in RDF format

xslt code documentation release mesh rdf