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numba / numba

Public channel for discussing Numba usage. Don't post confidential info here! Consider posting questions to: https://numba.discourse.group/ !

python numpy aware dynamic compiler llvm

btraceio / btrace

BTrace - a safe, dynamic tracing tool for the Java platform

java btrace safe dynamic tracing tool

markrendle / Simple.Data

A light-weight, dynamic data access component for C# 4.0

light-weight dynamic data access component

losonczylab / sima

Python package for analysis of dynamic fluorescence microscopy data

python package analysis dynamic fluorescence microscopy

DarthFubuMVC / Serenity

The dynamic duo of StoryTeller and WebDriver aim to grant you Serenity by acceptance testing your FubuMVC application

dynamic duo storyteller webdriver aim grant

robmccoll / stinger

The STINGER in-memory graph store and dynamic graph analysis platform. Millions to billions of vertices and edges at thousands to millions of updates per second.

stinger in-memory graph store dynamic analysis

kaizhu256 / node-utility2

run dynamic browser tests with coverage (via istanbul-lite and phantomjs-lite)

javascript run dynamic browser tests coverage

amyangfei / dynamicmq-go

dynamic attributed-based publish/subscribe messaging system

go dynamic attributed-based messaging system

charettes / django-dynamic-choices

Provide FK and M2M dynamic choices and react to django.contrib.admin edit/add view interaction to update those choices

python provide fk m2m dynamic choices

nblackburn / gridlock

A tiny, dynamic grid system that works with you, not against you.

html tiny dynamic grid system works

wantedly / nginx-image-server

Dockerfile for Dynamic Image Transformation Server with Nginx and Small Light module

ruby dockerfile dynamic image transformation server