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gitbucket / gitbucket

A Git platform powered by Scala with easy installation, high extensibility & github API compatibility

scala easily installable github clone powered

turicas / rows

Import and export tabular data easily with Python

python import export tabular data easily

wasabeef / recyclerview-animators

An Android library which easily add itemanimator to RecyclerView items.

java android library easily add itemanimator

jfeinstein10 / SlidingMenu

An Android library that allows you to easily create applications with slide-in menus. You may use it in your Android apps provided that you cite this project and include the license in your app. Thanks!

java android library easily create applications

nhaarman / ListViewAnimations

An Android library which allows developers to easily add animations to ListView items

java android library developers easily add

wyuenho / backgrid

Finally, an easily stylable semantic HTML data grid widget with a Javascript API that doesn't suck.

javascript finally easily stylable semantic html

AppVentus / AvAlertifyBundle

This bundle allows you to easily harmonize alerts and others notifications. Declare in the config (or just use the default configuration) and dispatch alerts with the following libraries (or your own)

css bundle easily harmonize alerts notifications

ShoppinPal / vend-tools

A command-line-interface (CLI) which allows you to easily perform custom tasks for your vendhq.com instance

javascript cli easily perform custom

tcnksm / ghr

Easily ship your project to your user using Github Releases

go easily ship project user github

livingstyleguide / livingstyleguide

Easily create front-end style guides with Markdown and Sass/SCSS.

ruby easily create front-end style guides

madglory / leaguebook

App to easily find League of Legends players from different colleges.

javascript app easily find league legends

maciejczyzewski / hyhyhy

A tool for easily creating pure and simple HTML5 presentations or websites.

python tool easily creating pure simple

jgriff / gradle-virgo-plugin

A gradle plugin for easily assembling your own custom distribution of Eclipse Virgo.

groovy gradle plugin easily assembling custom

kevva / decompress

Easily extract zip, tar and tar.gz archives with Node.js

javascript easily extract zip tar targz

cgross / grunt-lib-istanbul

Library to easily add Istanbul code coverage to Grunt test runners using PhantomJS

javascript library easily add istanbul code

OBSLabs / chameleon

Rails engine to let you easily build Geckoboard widgets.

ruby rails engine easily build geckoboard

pibby / jekyll-youtube

A plugin for Jekyll to easily embed Youtube videos into your site

ruby plugin jekyll easily embed youtube

cainus / percolator

Percolator is a framework for quickly and easily building quality HTTP APIs in Node.js

javascript percolator framework quickly easily building

danielking / angular-table

A fast, lazy rendered, easily extensible table built with AngularJS.

css fast lazy rendered easily extensible

radkodinev / jquery-classes

A jQuery plugin to easily add, remove and toggle classes at once

javascript jquery plugin easily add remove

cezarywojcik / CWStatusBarNotification

A library that allows you to easily create text-based notifications that appear on the status bar.

objective-c library easily create text-based notifications

Invoca / magic_immutable_string

easily add # -*- immutable: string -*- comments to the top of all your project's .rb files

ruby easily add immutable string comments

usq / Interactex

Interactex Designer is a configuration tool to easily setup, simulate and connect e-Textile hardware with smartphone functionality. Interactex Client is an app to store and replay projects made with Interactex Designer.

objective-c interactex designer configuration tool easily

shekibobo / time_splitter

Easily split Time/DateTime attribute accessors on your models for date, time, hour, and minute.

ruby easily split attribute accessors models

mxenabled / action_subscriber

Easily subscribe to RabbitMQ messages from your Rails application

ruby easily subscribe rabbitmq messages rails

ya790206 / call_seq

call_seq is a tool that let you trace code easily. It record function call sequence. So you can learn how the process run.

python call_seq tool trace code easily

NullReferenceCorp / ConsoleColorizer

A small library of helpers to allow you to easily manage the colors of your console output.

small library helpers easily manage colors