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tonsky / rum

Yet another React wrapper for ClojureScript. Decomplected, extensible, simple

clojure react wrapper clojurescript decomplected extensible

Fody / Fody

Extensible tool for weaving .net assemblies

extensible tool weaving net assemblies

getstacker / stacker

Extensible DevOps CLI with plugins for templating, config, Docker, and more.

coffeescript extensible devops cli plugins templating

hadronjs / hadron

Minimalist, extensible publishing/blogging platform written in Node.js

javascript minimalist extensible platform written nodejs

snhack / LogoBot

Cheap, extensible mobile robot design based on Arduino - inspired by Mirobot and others

javascript cheap extensible mobile robot design

goodybag / mongo-sql

An extensible SQL generation library for JavaScript with a focus on introspectibility

javascript extensible sql generation library focus

corsis / XParsec

extensible, type-and-source-polymorphic, non-linear applicative parser combinator library for F# 3.0

extensible non-linear applicative parser combinator

Kuniwak / vint

Fast and Highly Extensible Vim script Language Lint implemented by Python.

python fast highly extensible vim script

CabinJS / Cabin

Simple and extensible static site generator powered by Grunt

javascript simple extensible static site generator

Djeg / Minibus

A simple and extensible bus library for php.

php simple extensible bus library

caffeinery / coffea

event based and extensible irc client library with multi-network support

javascript event based extensible irc client

danielking / angular-table

A fast, lazy rendered, easily extensible table built with AngularJS.

css fast lazy rendered easily extensible

wookoouk / gee_fu

An extensible Ruby on Rails web-service application and database for visualising HTGS data

ruby extensible rails web-service application database

evflow / evflow

Open and extensible event loop library for asynchronous programming in PHP

php open extensible event loop library

skthomasjr / ExtensibleServiceProcess

ExtensibleServiceProcess is a library to support an extensible service application.

extensible service windows windows service