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pydata / pandas

For questions about contributing to pandas, please ask in the pandas-dev/community channel

python flexible powerful data analysis manipulation data science

mochajs / mocha

A lovely javascript testing framework -- want to contribute? join us in https://gitter.im/mochajs/contributors

javascript mocha simple flexible fun test testing

spf13 / hugo

DEV DISCUSSIONS ONLY ... refer to https://gohugo.io for docs and https://discourse.gohugo.io for support and usage questions

go fast flexible static site generator

cheeriojs / cheerio

Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.

javascript fast flexible lean implementation core

Valve / fingerprintjs2

Modern & flexible browser fingerprinting library, a successor to the original fingerprintjs

javascript modern flexible browser fingerprinting library

angular / dgeni

Flexible JavaScript documentation generator used by AngularJS, Protractor and other JS projects

javascript flexible documentation generator angularjs protractor

makeusabrew / bootbox

Wrappers for JavaScript alert(), confirm() and other flexible dialogs using Twitter's bootstrap framework

coffeescript wrappers javascript alert confirm flexible

hyperoslo / Form

The most flexible and powerful way to build a form on iOS

objective-c flexible powerful build form ios

rniemeyer / knockout-delegatedEvents

A simple and flexible plugin to do declarative event delegation in Knockout.js

javascript simple flexible plugin declarative event

vojtech-dobes / nette.ajax.js

Flexible utility script for AJAX in Nette Framework. Supports snippets, redirects etc.

javascript flexible utility script ajax nette

synacorinc / frameworkless

A simple, flexible framework for developing medium-complexity web application front-ends.

javascript simple flexible framework developing medium-complexity

zmmbreeze / octocard

Highly flexible github info card for every github lover.

javascript highly flexible github info card

mindeavor / solid_use_case

A flexible use case pattern that works *with* your workflow, not against it.

ruby flexible case pattern works workflow

buschmais / extended-objects

eXtended Objects - Lightweight and flexible datastore mapping of Java domain objects

java extended objects lightweight flexible datastore

Jarvis-Bot / Jarvis-Core

A flexible, customizable, kind bot. Simple to use, easy to extend.

ruby flexible customizable kind bot simple

AllianceCMS / AllianceCMS

AllianceCMS is a secure, flexible, web standards compliant PHP 5.4+ Content Management System targeting the creation of social networks. The AllianceCMS Module API and Theme system promotes flexibility and secure coding practices.

php alliancecms secure flexible web standards

evanshajed / Landy-v1.0

A flexible one-page fully responsive HTML template for your app

css flexible one-page fully responsive html

LuzSistemas / Luz-Framework

Modular and flexible framework for web applications based on Express 4.x

javascript modular flexible framework web applications

piotrfrankowski / pandas

Flexible and powerful data analysis / manipulation library for Python, providing labeled data structures similar to R data.frame objects, statistical functions, and much more

python flexible powerful data analysis manipulation

BluWings / extended-objects

eXtended Objects - Lightweight and flexible datastore mapping of Java domain objects

java extended objects lightweight flexible datastore

pksunkara / gomu

An easy-to-use and flexible web framework in golang

easy-to-use flexible web framework golang

KodiCMS-Kohana / cms

KodiCMS - A Light, Simple, Flexible Content Management System based on Kohana Framework

php kodicms light simple flexible content