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snabbdom / snabbdom

A virtual DOM library with focus on simplicity, modularity, powerful features and performance.

javascript virtual dom library focus simplicity

goodybag / mongo-sql

An extensible SQL generation library for JavaScript with a focus on introspectibility

javascript extensible sql generation library focus

intel-hadoop / diceros

Diceros is a sub-project of Rhino project which focus on providing a hardware accelerated JCE provider.

java diceros sub-project rhino project focus

zzarcon / focusable

Set a spotlight focus on DOM element adding a overlay layer to the rest of the page

javascript set spotlight focus dom element

bvaughn / task-runner

Async utilities for JavaScript application development with a focus on interruptibility and error-handling

javascript async utilities application development focus

Prodigious-Aim-Solutions / Kronicle6

A Framework for creating web applications with a focus on REST driven SPAs using ES6

javascript framework creating web applications focus

dingyi / Magnific-Popup

Light and responsive lightbox plugin with focus on performance.

javascript light responsive lightbox plugin focus