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json-schema-form / angular-schema-form-add-ons

A repository where information and discussions about Angular Schema Form plug in development are held.

repository information discussions angular schema form

hyperoslo / Form

The most flexible and powerful way to build a form on iOS

objective-c flexible powerful build form ios

copleykj / meteor-shower

A dual client/server side form data validation and transformation package for Meteor

javascript dual side form data validation

hubot-scripts / hubot-slack-invite-request

Serves a customizable form that posts the result to [Slack](http://slack.com)

coffeescript serves customizable form posts result

wvega / timepicker

A jQuery plugin to enhance standard form input fields helping users to select (or type) times

javascript jquery plugin enhance standard form

mypebble / mapped-fields

An set of form fields to make it easier to accept semi-structured data and map it directly to your own Django Models and Forms

python set form fields make easier

Twigs-for-Timber / popup-ajax-subscribe-form

A newsletter subscription form for Shopify with cookie support and ajax submit, with support for both internal Shopify newsletter subscriptions or MailChimp based subscriptions

css newsletter subscription form shopify cookie

digidem / simple-odk

A minimal ODK server for receiving form submissions from a mobile device and saving them as JSON on github

javascript minimal odk server receiving form

sergeypavlenko / formfilterapi

Form filter API provides a nice filtering mechanism. Easy to use. Less development for table results page.

php form filter api nice filtering

go-playground / form

Decodes url.Values into Go value(s) and Encodes Go value(s) into url.Values. Dual Array and Full map support.

go golang form decode encode post url.Values

wKLV / fluzzies

A game about bringing fluffies form one point to another. Using muu2d and box2d

javascript game bringing fluffies form point

bluespore / spore-tools

Dead simple CSS3-ready custom form elements powered by jQuery

javascript dead simple css3-ready custom form

NaturalSolutions / NS.UI.FormBuilder

Backbone-based form designer. Will output the form description as JSON based on backbone-form structure.

javascript backbone-based form designer output description