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mailboxer / mailboxer

A Rails gem to send messages inside a web application

ruby rails gem send messages inside

CanCanCommunity / cancancan

Continuation of CanCan, the authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails.

ruby continuation cancan authorization gem rails

jaimeiniesta / metainspector

Ruby gem for web scraping purposes. It scrapes a given URL, and returns you its title, meta description, meta keywords, an array with all the links, all the images in it, etc.

ruby gem web scraping purposes scrapes

ged / ruby-pg

Please ping @ged if you don't get an answer within a few minutes.

c git mirror pg gem

fredjean / middleman-s3_sync

The gem that tries really hard not to push files to S3.

ruby gem hard push files s3

ruby-odata / odata-model

A mapping layer for the OData gem that integrates with ActiveModel.

ruby mapping layer odata gem integrates

mavenlink / brainstem

The Brainstem gem provides a framework for converting ActiveRecord objects into a great JSON API. Brainstem Presenters allow easy application of user-requested sorts, filters, and association loads, allowing for simpler implementations, fewer requests, and smaller responses.

ruby brainstem gem framework converting activerecord

SammyLin / redactor-rails

The redactor-rails gem integrates the Redactor editor with the Rails 3.2 asset pipeline.

ruby redactor-rails gem integrates redactor editor

jgaskins / perpetuity

Persistence gem for Ruby objects using the Data Mapper pattern

ruby persistence gem objects data mapper

flajann2 / deep_dive

DeepDive is a ruby gem that allows you to deep copy your object graphs in a controlled way. You can specify which instance variables to skip over in the duplication, which will just leave the original reference to them in the copy.

ruby deepdive gem deep copy object

IDTLabs / IDTBeyond-Ruby

the ruby gem for interacting with the IDT Beyond API

ruby gem interacting idt api

IDTLabs / 3scale_api

Gem for interacting with Threescale API from your Rails application

ruby gem interacting threescale api rails

7even / zodiac

A small gem for calculating zodiac sign from a date of birth

ruby small gem calculating zodiac sign

kevinjalbert / git_statistics

A gem that allows you to get detailed statistics of a git repository.

ruby gem detailed statistics git repository

Learnosity / vagrant-sparseimage

A vagrant gem plugin to create, mount, unmount and destroy sparseimage files for sharing with guests under OSX.

ruby vagrant gem plugin create mount

paulmars / huffshell

HuffShell is a gem for suggesting and optimizing your shell aliases, programtically.

ruby huffshell gem suggesting optimizing shell

webONES / corrupted

Gem for generate corrupted files for your forgotten homeworks

ruby gem generate corrupted files forgotten

kevinelliott / irlp

Ruby gem to interact with the Internet Radio Linking Project

ruby gem interact internet radio linking

Intrepidd / working_hours

A modern ruby gem allowing to do time calculation with business / working hours.

ruby modern gem allowing time calculation

DimaD / exercism.io

Exercises with crowd-sourced code reviews. The gem repo is at http://github.com/kytrinyx/exercism

ruby exercises crowd-sourced code reviews gem

mgrigajtis / easystats

A Ruby Gem that contains easy to use statistical functions

ruby gem easy statistical functions

rikas / slack-poster

Simple gem to post messages on Slack using web hooks.

ruby simple gem post messages slack

nicb / fortelib

A Ruby gem library to handle Forte Prime set and derived materials

ruby gem library handle forte prime

gumieri / listen

The Listen gem listens to file modifications and notifies you about the changes.

ruby listen gem listens file modifications

renatosousafilho / nerdcalendar

Projeto de Gem para Sistemas que envolvem Reserva/aluguel

ruby projeto de gem para sistemas