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pksunkara / alpaca

Please ask if you have any doubts regarding alpaca or how to use it

go doubts alpaca web api generate

jbevain / cecil

Cecil is a library to generate and inspect .NET programs and libraries.

cecil library generate inspect programs libraries

open-xml-templating / docxtemplater

Generate docx from templates, from Node.js, the Browser and the command line / Demo: http://javascript-ninja.fr/docxtemplater/v1/examples/demo.html Docs:

javascript generate docx templates nodejs browser

lalitkapoor / github-changes

Generate a changelog based on merged pull requests or commit messages

javascript generate changelog based merged pull

firmata / firmata-builder

A utility to generate an Arduino file from a selection of Firmata features.

javascript utility generate arduino file selection

rjrodger / parambulator

A simple way to generate nice error messages for named parameters

javascript simple generate nice error messages

kongchen / swagger-maven-plugin

A maven build plugin which helps you generate Swagger JSON and API document during build phase

java maven build plugin helps generate

MisterJames / GenFu

GenFu is a library you can use to generate realistic test data. It is composed of several property fillers that can populate commonly named properties through reflection using an internal database of values or randomly created data. You can override any of the fillers, give GenFu hints on how to fill them.

javascript genfu library generate realistic test

uttesh / pdfngreportdemo

demo for the pdfngreport plugin, in this sample we are going to use the plugin and generate the pdf report.

java demo pdfngreport plugin sample generate

CenterForAssessment / randomNames

Function to generate random gender and ethnicity correct first and/or last names. Names are chosen proportionally based upon their probability of appearing in a large scale data base of real names.

r function generate random gender ethnicity

pid / speakingurl

Generate a slug – transliteration with a lot of options… http://pid.github.io/speakingurl

javascript generate called static clean url

ceedubs / sbt-ctags

SBT ctags is an SBT plugin that will generate ctags for your Scala project.

shell sbt ctags plugin generate scala

avoidwork / filesize.js

JavaScript library to generate a human readable String describing the file size

javascript library generate human readable string

webONES / corrupted

Gem for generate corrupted files for your forgotten homeworks

ruby gem generate corrupted files forgotten

marcofranssen / grunt-dotnet-codecoverage

Grunt plugin to generate code coverage report using opencover and reportgenerator

javascript grunt plugin generate code coverage

GMOD / Bio-Graphics

Generate GD images of biological sequences and annotations

perl generate gd images biological sequences

vigetlabs / nav_lynx

Rails helper to generate navigation links with a selected class.

ruby rails helper generate navigation links

sorenmat / FoxyDoxy

Foxy Doxy helps you generate documentation from your java code

scala foxy doxy helps generate documentation

goccy / p5-App-Harmonia

generate model layer codes of your application for Parse.com

perl generate model layer codes application

chrisamoore / alpaca

Given a web API, Generate client libraries in node, php, python, ruby

go web api generate client libraries

cbandy / libuuidrb

libuuidrb uses libuuid to generate DCE compatible universally unique identifiers

ruby libuuidrb libuuid generate dce compatible

viki53 / Css2Sql

Parse a CSS-like selector to generate a SQL query string

php parse css-like selector generate sql

skyguy94 / dynamic-wrapper

A utility to automatically generate the wrapper class and return to you the wrapped object that implements your interface.

utility automatically generate wrapper class return

joker1007 / ghost_writer

This gem generate API examples doc from params and response of controller specs

ruby gem generate api examples doc

zamabe / APRS-callpass-tools

Tools to generate APRS-IS passcodes and a small built-in webapp

python tools generate aprs-is passcodes small