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nodegit / nodegit

Native Node bindings to Git. The maintainers of NodeGit now hangout at #nodegit on libgit2's Slack server (slack.libgit2.org).

javascript native node bindings git

magit / magit

It's Magit! An Emacs mode for Git.

magit emacs mode git

go-gitea / gitea

We have moved to https://discord.gg/NsatcWJ

go git cup tea

rus-speaking / android-tools

⚫ Чат по OS, Git, IDE, сборке, эмуляторам и др. ПО/сервисам. ⚑ПРАВИЛА: bit.ly/andr-rules 📰NEWS: bit.ly/AnrdResId ◼ЧАТЫ: ⚫Основной: bit.ly/andr-main ⚫IDE, сборка, Git, сервисы: bit.ly/andr-tools ☕Оффтоп: bit.ly/andr-offtop ⚫Конференции, события: bit.ly/andr-events ⚫Вакансии, найм: bit.ly/andr-job ⚫Архитектура: bit.ly/andr-patterns ⚫Rx: bit.ly/andr-rx ⚫Тестирование: bit.ly/andr-test ⚫Kotlin: bit.ly/andr-kotlin ⚫Хаmarin: bit.ly/andr-xamarin

android git gradle IDE AndroidStudio

jacogr / atom-git-control

Provides a GUI interface to manage all commonly-used git commands.

coffeescript gui interface manage commonly-used git

magicmonty / bash-git-prompt

An informative and fancy bash prompt for Git users

bash git prompt

GrumpyGits / discussions

Public Discussion Group


barkinet / v8-git-mirror

The official mirror of the V8 Git repository from https://chromium.googlesource.com/v8/v8.git

official mirror v8 git repository

ged / ruby-pg

Please ping @ged if you don't get an answer within a few minutes.

c git mirror pg gem

ktoso / maven-git-commit-id-plugin

Maven plugin which includes build-time git repository information into an POJO / *.properties). Make your apps tell you which version exactly they were built from! Priceless in large distributed deployments... :-)

java maven plugin includes build-time git

zaggino / brackets-git

brackets-git — git extension for adobe/brackets

javascript brackets-git git extension

drmad / tmux-git

Script for showing current Git branch in Tmux status bar

shell script showing current git branch

cynektix / ungit

The easiest way to use git. On any platform. Anywhere.

javascript easiest git platform

nlf / precommit-hook

An npm installable git pre-commit hook used to lint and test your code

javascript npm installable git pre-commit hook

motemen / ghq

Manage remote repository clones (Git or Mercurial)

go manage remote repository clones git

RLovelett / eigen

Git mirror of upstream Mercurial based Eigen repository. The repositories are synced nightly.

git mirror upstream mercurial based eigen

guipdutra / vim-fugitive

fugitive.vim: a Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal

viml fugitivevim git wrapper awesome illegal

acidprime / r10k

Setup and configure r10k for use with git based environments in puppet

ruby setup configure r10k git based

kevinjalbert / git_statistics

A gem that allows you to get detailed statistics of a git repository.

ruby gem detailed statistics git repository

marcaube / hooker

Sensible git hooks for your projects.

php git hooks projects