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grafana / grafana

Grafana - A Graphite & InfluxDB Dashboard and Graph Editor

javascript grafana graphite influxdb dashboard graph

PhilJay / MPAndroidChart

A powerful Android chart view / graph view library, supporting line- bar- pie- radar- and candlestick charts as well as scaling, dragging and animations.

java powerful android chart view graph

neo4jrb / neo4j

An active model wrapper for the Neo4j Graph Database for Ruby.

ruby active model wrapper neo4j graph

robinedwards / neomodel

An Object Graph Mapper (OGM) for the neo4j graph database

python object graph mapper ogm neo4j

cosh / fallen-8

Fallen-8 is an in-memory graph database implemented in C#.

fallen-8 in-memory graph database implemented

mcollina / levelgraph

Graph database built on top of LevelUP with pattern-matching and join support. Works on both Node.js and the browsers.

javascript graph database built top levelup

flownote / community

FlowNote is an engine to create, organize, inspect, visualize, and hook into event-oriented applications with a language that makes reasoning about flow-based paradigms easy.

flow-based graph nodes channel channels

bio4j / angulillos

Java 8 library for working with strongly typed graph data in a generic way

java library working strongly typed graph

vertgo / ofxSoso

openFrameworks addon with scene graph, animations, enhanced text, and more.

openframeworks addon scene graph animations enhanced

micahstubbs / htx-org-vis

an interactive graph visualization of the city of houston's org structure

html interactive graph visualization city houston

robmccoll / stinger

The STINGER in-memory graph store and dynamic graph analysis platform. Millions to billions of vertices and edges at thousands to millions of updates per second.

stinger in-memory graph store dynamic analysis

cycloidio / inframap

Read your tfstate or HCL to generate a graph specific for each provider, showing only the resources that are most important/relevant.

golang terraform infrastructure diagram graph

stamkivi / SkypeMafia-visualization

Visualization of #SkypeMafia social graph (using R/igraph)

r visualization social graph

voroninman / Django-facebook

Facebook open graph api implementation using the Django web framework in python

python facebook open graph api implementation