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haxenme / nme

A cross-platform native backend for Haxe projects

cross-platform native backend haxe projects

ufront / ufront

Ufront is a powerful MVC web framework for Haxe. It gives you quick development, shared code on the client and server, powerful extensibility, easy testing, and targets PHP or Neko. This is the mothership repo - most of the actual code is contained in the other ufront repos, such as ufront-mvc.

haxe ufront powerful mvc web framework

nondev / spoon

Spoon is a programming language that runs blazingly fast, compiles to native code and works everywhere.

haxe ruby language compiler coffeescript

gameduell / duell

The Duell Tool is a command line tool for setting up, building and running applications on any platform.

haxe duell tool command line setting

kgranch / cs413_final

A shoot-em-up/tilt game for Google Play (Android/Windows)

haxe game google play

kasoki / openfl-tiled

openfl-tiled is a library which gives OpenFL developers the ability to use the TILED map editor.

haxe openfl-tiled library openfl developers ability

toomasr / clippy

Clippy is a very simple Flash widget that makes it possible to place arbitrary text onto the client's clipboard.

haxe clippy simple flash widget makes

carmon / crossfailure

CrossFailure is a 2D game framework built with OpenFL and Haxe that delivers cross platform games.

haxe crossfailure 2d game framework built