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konvajs / konva

Konva is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications.

javascript konva html5 canvas framework extends

OnsenUI / OnsenUI

ATTENTION! Community chat has moved to Discord - https://discord.gg/JWhBbnE

javascript onsen ui custom elements-based html5

nkzawa / socket.io

Realtime application framework for Node.JS, with HTML5 WebSockets and cross-browser fallbacks support.

javascript realtime application framework nodejs html5

roots / sage

WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap

php wordpress starter theme based html5

huytd / agar.io-clone

Agar.io clone written with Socket.IO and HTML5 canvas

html agario clone written socketio html5

browserstate / history.js

We’ve moved to Slack: http://discuss.bevry.me/t/slack-chat-rooms/59/1

javascript historyjs gracefully supports html5 apis

rlamana / Ventus

A window manager written in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3

javascript window manager written html5 css3

bsn / ionic

Advanced HTML5 Mobile App Framework. A beautiful front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps in HTML5

javascript advanced html5 mobile app framework

noctarius / tengi

Realtime communication platform for Java / ActionScript / C# / HTML5 / and many more using Sockets, Websockets, HTML Longpolling

java realtime communication platform actionscript html5

epam / xframework

XFramework, or XF, is a small but powerful HTML5 JavaScript framework for building truly cross-platform web applications that will work on mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and even Smart TVs.

javascript xframework xf small powerful html5

Jayden0306 / Rebuild-website-HTML5

This is my first time rebuilding the website using semantic HTML5 architecture.

time rebuilding website semantic html5 architecture

mse-player / Lobby

Modular and extensible video player built on MSE and EME. https://github.com/bunch-of-friends/mse-player

mse eme video player video html5 javascript typescript

JaimeLynSchatz / HTML5-Reset

A simple set of best practices to get HTML5 projects off on the right foot.

javascript simple set practices html5 projects

semu / timesheet.js

JavaScript library for simple HTML5 & CSS3 time sheets

javascript library simple html5 css3 time

use-init / init

INIT extends HTML5 Boilerplate, adds more structure for SCSS and JavaScripts files, includes build tasks and a whole lot more.

javascript init extends html5 boilerplate adds

TeamImpatientBanana / flat

/f/lat, a simple, flat html5 bulletin board. Share html5 games, videos, and more

javascript simple flat html5 bulletin board

InfiniteFoundation / meta2d

Meta is free and fast open source HTML5 game engine for making cross platform games, supports Canvas and WebGL rendering and Dopple for native compilation.

javascript engine editor html5 2d gamedev games

facadejs / Facade.js

Drawing shapes, images and text in HTML5 canvas made easy.

javascript drawing shapes images text html5

lavrton / KineticJS

KineticJS is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework that extends the 2d context by enabling canvas interactivity for desktop and mobile applications.

javascript kineticjs html5 canvas framework extends

hako / googol-glados-simulator

A HTML5 recreation of the animation Googol GLaDOS. Primarily using JS.

css html5 recreation animation googol glados

wgcrouch / jSnake

Very simple snake game implemented in Javascript using HTML5 Canvas.

javascript simple snake game implemented html5