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halide / Halide

a language for fast, portable data-parallel computation

language image processing computational photography

imagej / imagej

Open source scientific multidimensional image processing

java open source scientific multidimensional image

JimBobSquarePants / ImageProcessor

A library for on-the-fly processing of image files with Asp.NET written in C#

library on-the-fly processing image files aspnet

boostorg / gil

Discuss Boost.GIL (Generic Image Library) | New channel #boost-gil at https://cpplang.slack.com | Go to https://cppalliance.org/slack/

cplusplus library boost image algorithms png jpeg tiff bmp

imglib / imglib2

A generic next-generation Java library for image processing

java generic next-generation library image processing

scifio / scifio

SCientific Image Format Input & Output: a flexible, extensible framework for image I/O. *EXPERIMENTAL* All API is subject to change, so depend at your own risk! See also @openmicroscopy/bioformats.

java scientific image format input output

times / cardkit

A simple, configurable, web based image creation tool

css simple configurable web based image

scottjehl / picturefill

A responsive image polyfill for <picture>, srcset, sizes, and more

javascript responsive image polyfill srcset sizes

avocode / avocode

Get CSS, SVG, image assets, fonts, colors. All without Photoshop or Sketch.

css svg image assets fonts colors

pmoust / squid-deb-proxy

Docker image of a generic squid-deb-proxy server - Use in your local organisation / LAN

shell docker image generic squid-deb-proxy server

astropy / photutils

Affiliated package for image photometry utilities. Maintainer:@astrofrog

python affiliated package image photometry utilities

nielse63 / php-image-cache

Image Cache is a very simple PHP class that accepts an image source and will compress and cache the file, move it to a new directory, and returns the new source for the image.

javascript image cache simple php class

nohana / Laevatein

Photo image selection activity set library. Currently under development.

java photo image selection activity set

tapeja / x

Image processing service written in Go.

image processing service written

florent37 / DaVinci

DaVinci is an image downloading and caching library for Android Wear

java davinci image downloading caching library

vjustov / thumbor-versionable

A Thumbor client that lets you specify versions of given image.

ruby thumbor client lets versions image

ryanj / gist-reveal

A docker image that helps facilitate open source slideshow authoring by templating gist.github.com content through reveal.js

javascript docker image helps facilitate open

pmoust / docker-solr

Basic Solr container image powered by Jetty (Ubuntu Trusty (LTS) base).

puppet basic solr container image powered

developer-prosenjit / AnimatedResponsiveImageGrid

A jQuery plugin for creating a responsive image grid that will switch images using different animations and timings. This can work nicely as a background or decorative element of a website since we can randomize the appearance of new images and their transitions.

javascript jquery plugin creating responsive image