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scifio / scifio

SCientific Image Format Input & Output: a flexible, extensible framework for image I/O. *EXPERIMENTAL* All API is subject to change, so depend at your own risk! See also @openmicroscopy/bioformats.

java scientific image format input output

angular-ui / ui-mask

Mask on an input field so the user can only type pre-determined pattern

javascript mask input field user type

micahstubbs / midi4ahk

A set of of utilities for using MIDI Input with AutoHotkey

xslt set utilities midi input autohotkey

KentVu / TraditionalT9

T9 English IME input for Android using hardware keypad. (e.g. SoftBank 007SH)

t9 english ime input android hardware

xgenvn / InputHelper

Popup a textinput field to input text using IM (ibus, scim) in Sublime Text 2 under Linux.

python popup textinput field input text

Rican7 / incoming

Transform loose and complex input into consistent, strongly-typed data structures

php transform loose complex input consistent