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thejameskyle /

A drop-in plugin that integrates Google's `trackEvent` directly into Backbone's `navigate` function.

javascript drop-in plugin integrates google directly

heiglandreas / HybridAuth

Integrates HybridAuth as SIMPLE authentication-backend into the ZendFramework2

php integrates hybridauth simple zendframework2

SammyLin / redactor-rails

The redactor-rails gem integrates the Redactor editor with the Rails 3.2 asset pipeline.

ruby redactor-rails gem integrates redactor editor

chillitom / ReactiveUI

An MVVM framework for .NET that integrates the Reactive Extensions (Rx) framework

mvvm framework net integrates reactive extensions

dynamic / foxystripe

FoxyStripe is a SilverStripe ecommerce module that integrates with FoxyCart.

php foxystripe silverstripe ecommerce module integrates

dcsan / flowwy

Boilerplate app that integrates Meteor + + FlowRouter

javascript boilerplate app integrates meteor famous

ruby-odata / odata-model

A mapping layer for the OData gem that integrates with ActiveModel.

ruby mapping layer odata gem integrates

toaotc / ValidatorBundle

This Bundle integrates into Symfony2.

php bundle integrates symfony2