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Gitter / irc-bridge

Connect to Gitter using the IRC protocol, https://gitlab.com/gitterHQ/irc-bridge

javascript connect gitter irc protocol zap

mifos / mifos

WRONG CHANNEL: GO TO https://gitter.im/openMF/mifos INSTEAD

empty github repo testing gitter irc

ekmartin / slack-irc

Connects Slack and IRC channels by sending messages back and forth.

javascript connects slack irc channels sending

meebey / smuxi

Smuxi is an user-friendly and free IRC client for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X based on GNOME / GTK+

smuxi user-friendly free irc client linux

node-irc / Lobby

This is the Gitter for the updated irc-upd fork of node-irc.

nodejs irc library

sametmax / 0bin

il y a des commandes type IRC, genre on peut changer le topic

python il des commandes type irc

Milk-Enterprises / Gambot

Issues: https://waffle.io/milk-enterprises/gambot | Pull requests: http://issue2pr.herokuapp.com/ | When in doubt: https://github.com/zigdon/xkcd-Bucket

milk side waffles irc bot future

darthlukan / gobot

A basic IRC bot using github.com/thoj/go-ircevent

go basic irc bot

IrcDotNet / IrcDotNet

IRC.NET is a complete IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client library for the .NET Framework 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0. It aims to provide a complete and efficient implementation of the protocol as described in RFCs 1459 and 2812, as well as de-facto modern features of the protocol. The .NET Framework version of the library is also intended to compile and run under Mono 2.6 and later. Note: this branches hosted here are clones of the official branches hosted on Launchpad.

ircnet complete irc internet relay chat

zippynk / quotebot

A Jokebot-based IRC Bot for taking quotes adding them to a Quote DB.

python jokebot-based irc bot taking quotes

garrettw / pierce

PIeRCe is an IRC bot framework written for PHP 5.5+.

php pierce irc bot framework written

skeet70 / mtgpricebot

A pricing bot for the #mtgsalvation IRC channel. Uses mtgprice.com for pricing data.

python pricing bot irc channel mtgpricecom

cooper / juno

the current generation of juno-ircd, an IRC server daemon written in the Perl programming language. it's very modular and event-driven, designed specifically to be extensible and aims to implement all modern features of IRC, including those of many recently-defined specifications.

perl current generation juno-ircd irc server

ohaz / JeaIRC

JeaIRC is a java IRC library. Includes / will include a small bot as an example program

java jeairc irc library includes include

Detegr / HBot

Irc bot in Haskell. Plugins can be added/removed on the fly.

haskell irc bot plugins fly

pirogoeth / ashiema

IRC bot written in python with an event driven framework

python irc bot written event driven

caffeinery / coffea

event based and extensible irc client library with multi-network support

javascript event based extensible irc client

triviabot-dev / Lobby

A simple IRC trivia bot written in python using twisted | https://github.com/rawsonj/triviabot

trivia games python irc foss

kellyirc / kurea

an irc bot framework - discuss with us in irc.esper.net#kellyirc!

coffeescript irc bot framework discuss

relrod / rublets

An IRC bot that uses SELinux Sandboxes to let you evaluate code in a large number languages.

ruby irc bot selinux sandboxes evaluate