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hpcc-systems / HPCC-Platform

IMPORTANT - Issue tracking has been migrated to JIRA - use your github ID and password reset mechanism to log in

important issue tracking migrated jira github

coddingtonbear / jirafs

Edit your JIRA tickets using locally-stored text files in a git/hg-inspired way

python edit jira tickets locally-stored text

CrowdArchitects / CrowdBug

Spread your bugs to jira from your favourite shell.

shell spread bugs jira favourite

juansanzone / jiraToGoogleCalendar

PHP Jira Web Hook Manager to create a Google Calendar Event for Jira-Issues

php jira web hook manager create

titosemi / jira-api

a php class specifically to be used for JIRA's REST API and also a REST Request class which can be more widely used.

php class specifically jira rest api