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akka / akka

This channel is available for all Akka enthusiasts—newbies as well as gurus—for the exchange of knowledge and the coordination of efforts around Akka. For more info see: http://bit.ly/akka-gitter

scala akka project public java distributed systems concurrency performance jvm

ReactiveX / RxJava

RxJava – Reactive Extensions for the JVM – a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM.

java rxjava reactive extensions jvm library

Frege / frege

Frege is a pure functional programming language for the JVM in the spirit of Haskell.

frege pure functional programming language jvm

asciidoctor / asciidoctorj

Java bindings for Asciidoctor. Asciidoctor on the JVM!

java bindings asciidoctor jvm

jphp-compiler / jphp

Compiler for JVM, like JRuby and Jython only for PHP

java compiler jvm jruby jython php

ITXby / Java

Обсуждаем все что связано с миром Java и JVM

java jvm

ydewit / idris-ivor

Ivor - a Truffle/GraalVM based Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler for the Idris language

idris language jit jvm dependent-type