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phalcon / zephir

Zephir is a compiled high level language aimed to the creation of C-extensions for PHP

php zephir compiled high level language

metasoarous / semantic-csv

High level tools for CSV parsing built on clojure.data.csv

clojure high level tools csv parsing

pho / WindViewer

Wind Viewer is a level viewer and editor for Zelda: The Wind Waker and (to an extend) Twilight Princess.

wind viewer level editor zelda waker

AgileVentures / AgileVentures

Top level Agile Ventures site with support for all projects

top level agile ventures site support

WowWeeLabs / MiP-BLE-Protocol

Documents to show the low level MiP command protocol, you can implement your own SDK using your preferred language.

documents show low level mip command

hailocab / gocassa

A high level Cassandra library in Go, on top of gocql

go high level cassandra library top

vodolaz095 / hunt

High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

javascript high level nodejs framework build

ramitos / inverted

inverted-index for level with pagination, sift3/cosine distance, tf-idf ranking, and more

javascript inverted-index level pagination distance tf-idf

katsuma / itunes-client

itunes-client provides a high level API (like ActiveRecord style) to control your iTunes.

ruby itunes-client high level api activerecord