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jhipster / generator-jhipster

Hipster stack for Java developers. Spring Boot + Angular in one handy generator.

java hipster stack developers yeoman maven

Ardesco / Selenium-Maven-Template

A maven template for Selenium that will let you check out and go.

java maven template selenium check

xolstice / protobuf-maven-plugin

Maven Plugin that executes the Protocol Buffers (protoc) compiler

java maven protobuf

tcurdt / jdeb

This library provides an Ant task and a Maven plugin to create Debian packages from Java builds in a truly cross platform manner.

java library ant task maven plugin

ktoso / maven-git-commit-id-plugin

Maven plugin which includes build-time git repository information into an POJO / *.properties). Make your apps tell you which version exactly they were built from! Priceless in large distributed deployments... :-)

java maven plugin includes build-time git

Ardesco / selenium-standalone-server-plugin

A Maven plugin that will download the WebDriver stand alone server executables for use in your mavenised Selenium project.

java maven plugin download webdriver stand

rtimush / sbt-updates

SBT plugin that can check maven repositories for dependency updates

scala sbt plugin check maven repositories

kongchen / swagger-maven-plugin

A maven build plugin which helps you generate Swagger JSON and API document during build phase

java maven build plugin helps generate

wavesoftware / java-gasper

Very simple integration testing JUnit harness for 'java -jar' servers like WildFly Swarm and Spring Boot

tests integration java maven wildfly-swarm spring-boot spring wildfly microservices REST

ToToTec / cmvn

Lift a Maven based development environment to usability by providing an advanced two-step buildsystem: Configuration and Build. Build will be done by Maven. Configuration is what this project is about.

java lift maven based development environment