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CiscoCloud / mantl

Mantl is a modern platform for rapidly deploying globally distributed services

python microservices infrastructure modern platform rapidly mantl

ruby-concurrency / concurrent-ruby

Modern concurrency tools including agents, futures, promises, thread pools, supervisors, and more. Inspired by Erlang, Clojure, Scala, Go, Java, JavaScript, and classic concurrency patterns.

ruby modern concurrency tools including agents

Valve / fingerprintjs2

Modern & flexible browser fingerprinting library, a successor to the original fingerprintjs

javascript modern flexible browser fingerprinting library

anvilresearch / connect

A modern authorization server built to authenticate your users and protect your APIs

coffeescript modern authorization server built authenticate

sdiehl / write-you-a-haskell

Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. (http://dev.stephendiehl.com/fun/)

haskell building modern functional compiler principles

php-pm / php-pm

CLI process manager for modern Request-Response PHP Applications - with a builtin load-balancer.

php cli process manager modern request-response

TongKuo / WaxSealCore

Core of WaxSeal, a modern and full feature Objective-C wrapper for Keychain Services, Certificate, Key, and Trust Services APIs.

objective-c core waxseal modern full feature

tonjoo / jQuery-Sangar-Slider

Modern jQuery slider for your project. Available as jQuery plugin and WordPress plugin.

javascript modern jquery slider project plugin

Mindstormer619 / Codebin

A modern hackable, opensourced, userfriendly Pastebin for sharing text, codes, screen shots (images) with new features.

javascript modern hackable opensourced userfriendly pastebin

lrsjng / h5ai

a modern HTTP web server index for Apache httpd, lighttpd, nginx and Cherokee

javascript modern http web server index

davidmandeeli / normalize.css

A modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets (as used by Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5 Boilerplate, TweetDeck, Soundcloud, and many others).

modern html5-ready alternative css resets twitter

Ryp / moGL

Modern OpenGL wrapper, thin C++14 header-only layer on top of the OpenGL 4.5+ API

modern opengl wrapper thin header-only layer

lstrojny / fxmlrpc

A modern, super fast XML/RPC client for PHP >=5.4

php modern super fast client

brianmario / mysql2

A modern, simple and very fast Mysql library for Ruby - binding to libmysql

ruby modern simple fast mysql library

viniborges / winforms-modernui

My humble attempt to bring the new Modern UI alias Metro UI of Windows 8 to .NET Windows Forms applications ...

humble attempt bring modern ui alias

AlexRebula / WebDocs

WebDocs is a modern, responsive web theme created for web documentations. It is ready for you to simply start writing any kind of documentation.

css webdocs modern responsive web theme

bigcat / Mobile-Modbus

A simple Android Modbus scanner/polling program with modern android UI.

java simple android modbus program modern

achingbrain / pm2

Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer

javascript modern cli process manager node

kaezarrex / Craft

A simple Minecraft clone written in C using modern OpenGL (shaders).

c simple minecraft clone written modern

Intrepidd / working_hours

A modern ruby gem allowing to do time calculation with business / working hours.

ruby modern gem allowing time calculation