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webpack / webpack

For questions please post on Stack Overflow and use the 'webpack' tag (http://stackoverflow.com/tags/webpack).

javascript survey webpack usage packs modules frontend

nwjs / nw.js

Call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enable a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies.

call nodejs modules directly dom enable

yahoo / pure

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

css set small responsive modules web

ericmdantas / generator-ng-fullstack

Client, server or fullstack - it's up to you. ng-fullstack gives you the best of the latest: Node, Go, http/2, Angular 1, Angular 2, Express, MongoDB, Gulp, Babel, Typescript and much more.

javascript generation stack latest modules iojs

guyklainer / angular-lazy-load

Lazy load all your angular modules without explicit script tags

javascript lazy load angular modules explicit

JavaMoney / javamoney-shelter

A shelter for new ideas and modules to be adopted, e.g. via Adopt-a-JSR

groovy shelter ideas modules adopted adopt-a-jsr

dsheiko / cjsc

compiles CommonJS modules into a single JavaScript file that works natively in the browser.

javascript compiles commonjs modules single file

trobz / openerp-web-unleashed

Unleash your OpenERP web modules with Backbone and Marionette frameworks !

javascript unleash openerp web modules backbone

sjpuas / jee6-archetype

Jee6 Archetype, includes 5 modules: Web , Ejb, Commons , Persistence and Ear

java jee6 archetype includes modules web

Grokzen / salty-windows

My state and modules that i have created for windows in salt-stack

scheme state modules created windows salt-stack

shgysk8zer0 / std-js

Standard JavaScript functions and polyfills library

JavaScript ECMAScript 2015 modules

shannonmoeller / require-glob

Require multiple modules using glob patterns. Supports exclusions.

javascript require multiple modules glob patterns