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derbyjs / derby

MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers

javascript mvc framework making easy write

framework-one / fw1

FW/1 - Framework One - is a lightweight, convention over configuration, MVC application framework for ColdFusion / CFML.

coldfusion framework lightweight convention configuration mvc

cristianprofile / spring-boot-mvc-complete-example

spring boot mvc complete example integration and unit test with @config classes

java spring boot mvc complete integration

ufront / ufront

Ufront is a powerful MVC web framework for Haxe. It gives you quick development, shared code on the client and server, powerful extensibility, easy testing, and targets PHP or Neko. This is the mothership repo - most of the actual code is contained in the other ufront repos, such as ufront-mvc.

haxe ufront powerful mvc web framework

dotNET [RU] / Lobby

Неофициальное русскоязычное сообщество .NET технологий, разбитое по комнатам ;)

dotnet net csharp sharp mvc asp .net asp.mvc WebApi EF EntityFramework Russian

spine / spine

Lightweight MVC library for building JavaScript applications

javascript lightweight mvc library building applications

silverstripe / silverstripe-framework

SilverStripe Framework, the MVC framework that powers SilverStripe CMS

php silverstripe framework mvc powers cms

Azure-Samples / active-directory-dotnet-webapp-groupclaims

This sample shows how to build an MVC web application that uses Azure AD Groups for authorization. Authorization in Azure AD can also be done with Application Roles, as shown in WebApp-RoleClaims-DotNet. This sample uses the OpenID Connect ASP.Net OWIN middleware and ADAL .Net.

sample shows build mvc web application

tweeio / twee-framework

Twee.io Framework - MVC Framework for Node.js based on Express.js

javascript tweeio framework mvc nodejs based

jeff-king-vgh / spring-mvc-ajax

Sample Spring MVC Application demonstrating JSON AJAX requests with jQuery front-end and Spring MVC back-end.

java sample spring mvc application demonstrating

mtranter / MvcTables

An AJAX/HTML Table framework for ASP.Net MVC

table framework aspnet mvc

sisioh / trinity

Trinity is a lightweight MVC framework based on Finagle

c trinity lightweight mvc framework based

82rules / noble

A very light weight and simple PHP MVC / Rest ready Framework

javascript light weight simple php mvc

weber / compound-ex4

MVC framework. Built on Node.JS. Works on server and browser.

javascript mvc framework built nodejs works

maggnus / derby

MVC framework making it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers

javascript mvc framework making easy write

bparks / pails

A seriously lightweight MVC framework in PHP

php lightweight mvc framework

tournasdim / sample-MVC-with-Symfony2-components

A sample MVC app build on top of Symfony2 and Laravel4 components (also Twig , Pure and Jquery)

php sample mvc app build top

nunull / instant.js

A lightweight client side MVC framework using handlebars.js and jQuery. Keeps your data and the DOM in sync.

javascript lightweight client side mvc framework

mvc-lite / mvc-lite

A lightweight mvc framework. Just the basics.

mvc php object-oriented