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non / spire

Powerful new number types and numeric abstractions for Scala.

scala powerful number types numeric abstractions

quality-clojure / qualityclj

Assess Clojure libraries based on a number of different metrics.

clojure assess libraries based number metrics

weslleyaraujo / deadofthrones

Playing around with the large number of characters that our sweet George R.R Martin killed on the HBO Serie Game of Thrones.

css playing large number characters sweet

SoftwareMarbles / frugal-couch

A node module that allows minimization of the number of HTTP requests to CouchDb/Cloudant

coffeescript node module minimization number http

KyleNeedham / countUp

Lightweight, dependcy free, number counting animation written in CoffeeScript, based on countUp

coffeescript lightweight dependcy free number counting

bullgit / sharurl.js

Track the number of times your page has been shared on several social networks.

javascript track number times page shared

Jailander / strands_utils

Utility package containing nodes that are useful in a number of STRANDS contexts.

utility package nodes number strands contexts