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Automattic / mongoose

MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment.

javascript mongodb object modeling designed work

Yonaba / 30log

30 lines library for object orientation in Lua

lua lines library object orientation

stampit-org / stampit

OOP is better with stamps: Composable object factories. News: https://twitter.com/stampit_org

javascript oop stamps composable object factories

robinedwards / neomodel

An Object Graph Mapper (OGM) for the neo4j graph database

python object graph mapper ogm neo4j

LearnBoost / mongoose

MongoDB object modeling designed to work in an asynchronous environment.

javascript mongodb object modeling designed work

brian-gates / cypher-stream

Slack has replaced this room: https://codex-community-slackin.herokuapp.com/

javascript neo4j cypher queries nodejs object

g10 / backbone-associations

Create object hierarchies with Backbone models; Respond to hierarchy changes using regular Backbone events.

javascript create object hierarchies backbone models

hprose / hprose

HPROSE is short for High Performance Remote Object Service Engine. It's a serialize and RPC library, the serialize library of hprose is faster, smaller and more powerful than msgpack, the RPC library is faster, easier and more powerful than thrift.

hprose short high performance remote object

stig / json-framework

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a light-weight data interchange format that's easy to read and write for humans and computers alike. This framework implements a strict JSON parser and generator in Objective-C.

objective-c json javascript object notation light-weight

OmarElabd / ObjectExporter

Object Exporter creates serializations of in memory objects from your various debugging windows. Currently supported output formats are: CSharp Object Initialization Code, JSON and XML.

object exporter creates serializations memory objects

KnpLabs / php-github-api

A simple PHP GitHub API client, Object Oriented, tested and documented. For 5.3+.

php simple github api client object

MosheBerman / oop-2-point-5

The third homework assignment for CISC 3150, Object Oriented Programming, with Professor Zhou.

python homework assignment cisc object oriented

flajann2 / deep_dive

DeepDive is a ruby gem that allows you to deep copy your object graphs in a controlled way. You can specify which instance variables to skip over in the duplication, which will just leave the original reference to them in the copy.

ruby deepdive gem deep copy object

hicknhack-software / QxOrm

Fork of the popular QxOrm (http://www.qxorm.com/) C++ Object Relationshop Mapper for Qt. This is the last public release under the LGPL license.

fork popular qxorm object relationshop mapper

nicdaCosta / grep.js

Basic function that searches / filters any object or function and returns matched properties.

javascript basic function searches filters object

php-yaoi / php-yaoi

Yet another object interleaver for PHP

php object interleaver

TechSmith / hyde

Simple Object to Entity mapper for Windows Azure Storage

simple object entity mapper windows azure

ajoslin / angular-burn

Sync an object with Firebase in Angular, and filter the object

javascript sync object firebase angular filter

pstaender / neo4jmapper

Neo4jMapper is a client- and serverside object mapper for neo4j graphdatabases, written in JavaScript.

javascript neo4jmapper client- serverside object mapper

SierraSoftworks / Skmatc

Skmatc (schematic) is the powerful JavaScript object validation framework powering Iridium

javascript skmatc schematic powerful object validation

skthomasjr / CrossChannel.SyncObjects

CrossChannel.SyncObjects is a framework for synchronizing objects and collections using peer-to-peer (P2P) communications.

collections communications ipc mesh object p2p peer sync syncronization tcp wcf