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biocore / scikit-bio

Core objects, functions and statistics for working with biological data in Python.

python core objects functions statistics working

michaeldv / awesome_print

Pretty print your Ruby objects with style -- in full color and with proper indentation

ruby pretty print objects style --

OmarElabd / ObjectExporter

Object Exporter creates serializations of in memory objects from your various debugging windows. Currently supported output formats are: CSharp Object Initialization Code, JSON and XML.

object exporter creates serializations memory objects

WildGums / Orc.Metadata

Classes that make it easy to store metadata about objects

classes make easy store metadata objects

GsDevKit / Mapless

Mapless is a small framework for storing objects in a key->data fashion (i.e.: noSQL databases) without requiring any kind of object-data map using MongoDB and Redis as backend

smalltalk mapless small framework storing objects

rjrodger / eraro

Create JavaScript Error objects with code strings, context details, and uncluttered stacktraces

css create javascript error objects code

BoolJS / booljs-globals

This module contains global objects that work with bool.js, so you don't have to load them twice.

javascript module global objects work booljs

bluefeet / o-js

JavaScript utility belt for rich objects and prototypes. Ooooh!

javascript utility belt rich objects prototypes

jgaskins / perpetuity

Persistence gem for Ruby objects using the Data Mapper pattern

ruby persistence gem objects data mapper

ht2 / couple

Port of https://github.com/ryansmith94/couple from JS to PHP. A library for coupling two objects together. This is useful for nested pattern matching.

php port js library coupling objects

buschmais / extended-objects

eXtended Objects - Lightweight and flexible datastore mapping of Java domain objects

java extended objects lightweight flexible datastore

gextech / binding-util

This library binds Java Objects, it is aware of hibernate (GORM) entities

groovy library binds java objects aware

yahoo / fumble

Simple error objects in node. Created specifically to be used with https://github.com/yahoo/fetchr and based on https://github.com/hapijs/boom

javascript simple error objects node created

eredo / dartson

Dartson is a Dart library that can be used to convert Dart objects into a JSON string.

dart dartson library convert objects json

azazdeaz / LazyJsonUndoRedo

Makes a history with automatic undo/redo functionality for the specified javascript objects, using ES6 Object.observe().

javascript makes history automatic functionality objects

MercuryDB / mercurydb

Query live objects in your Java applications with this non-persistent single schema main-memory database

java query live objects applications non-persistent

Phil-Factor / ConvertToYAML

To acompany article 'Getting Data Into and Out of PowerShell Objects'

powershell acompany article data objects

jclem / steeltoe

Don't shoot yourself in the foot traversing objects.

javascript shoot foot traversing objects

fcanas / OHMKit

Translate JSON models to Objective-C objects declaratively. No base class required.

objective-c translate json models objects declaratively

BluWings / extended-objects

eXtended Objects - Lightweight and flexible datastore mapping of Java domain objects

java extended objects lightweight flexible datastore

limpyd / redis-limpyd

Provide an easy way to store python objects in Redis, without losing the power and the control of the Redis API

python provide easy store objects redis

robclancy / presenter

Simple presenter to wrap and render objects. Designed to work with Laravel, but will also work as a stand-alone solution.

php simple presenter wrap render objects

ged / linguistics

A generic, language-neutral framework for extending Ruby objects with linguistic methods.

ruby generic language-neutral framework extending objects