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aws / aws-sdk-java

The official AWS SDK for Java. https://aws.amazon.com/sdkforjava

java official mirror aws sdk information

aws / aws-sdk-php

Official repository of the AWS SDK for PHP.

php official repository aws sdk

staticshowdown / backchannel

PENCILS DOWN CHECKLIST: https://github.com/staticshowdown/lowdown/wiki/Pencils-Down-Checklist — Welcome to the official Static Showdown backchannel! — Organizers: @mbleigh @MaryBest @fastdivision @kevinchau @scottcorgan @rwillard or email hello@staticshowdown.com

official static showdown backchannel

Grokzen / redis-py-cluster

Release 1.3.4 is out. Python cluster client for the redis 3.0, 3.2, 4.0

python cluster client official support targeted

duythien / forum

Phalcon official Forum Vietnam. Cung cấp đủ thông tin trước khi hỏi, và đừng quên cảm ơn người giúp bạn, đó là tất cả nội qui của chat room - be nice to each other

php phalcon official forum

barkinet / v8-git-mirror

The official mirror of the V8 Git repository from https://chromium.googlesource.com/v8/v8.git

official mirror v8 git repository

codefellows / sea-c24-iOS-F2

Official repository for the iOS Foundations II course beginning on October 27th, 2014.

swift official repository ios foundations ii

ptwobrussell / Mining-the-Social-Web-2nd-Edition

The official online compendium for Mining the Social Web, 2nd Edition (O'Reilly, 2013)

python official online compendium mining social

ServUO / ServUO

The new home for the official ServUO project.

home official servuo project

rmagick / rmagick

The official home for RMagick until/if we get access to the original repo

c official home rmagick access original

HeisenBugDev / QuantumCraft

The official chat room for QuantumCraft developers and people who are interested in helping out!

java official chat room quantumcraft developers

nodeschool / denver-boulder

The official NodeSchool.io repository for the Denver/Boulder Node.js meetup

official nodeschoolio repository nodejs meetup

toptal / chewy

High-level Elasticsearch ruby framework based on official elasticsearch-ruby client

ruby high-level elasticsearch framework based official

osxpeppermint / peppermint

The official bug/features tracker for Peppermint

official tracker peppermint

unok / cakephp

CakePHP: The Rapid Development Framework for PHP - Official Repository

cakephp rapid development framework php official