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shopware / shopware

Use for offtopic chats - Use for discussions in german

shopware php open source ecommerce

OpenDroneMap / OpenDroneMap

OpenDroneMap is a tool to postprocess small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAS), balloon, kite, and street view data to geographic data. Join the conversation:

drones open source aerial photography mapping GIS photogrammetry


Developer discussions about OSVR-Core and the OSVR open-source virtual reality software framework. Some related OSVR projects have their own channels...

virtual reality OSVR open source

freesewing / freesewing

This is the best place to ask questions, meet other freesewers, or just hang out and share a laugh.

sewing open source patterns PHP

new-xkit / XKit

It is has been suggested to me that this website has TOO MANY errors, and that correcting them would be a wise (and possibly lucrative) strategy.

dev tumblr javascript extensions open source xkit new xkit

code-stats / Lobby

Current version: 2.0.4 | Changes: | This channel is publicly logged.

code-stats open source elixir phoenix phoenix framework ecto redom

jaeksoft / opensearchserver

Open-source Enterprise Grade Search Engine Software

open source search engine web crawler

FreezingMoon / Gummy-Turbo-Tunnel

Free Open Source Game! The Hellish BattleToads Turbo Tunnel Level! [Game]

free open source browser based game phaser BattleToads Gumble Ancient Beast

iDoMeteor / OnePageWonder

A jQuery and Bootstrap mini-CMS built on the Meteor JS platform for quickly deploying one page scrolling web sites.

meteor meteorjs javascript js ecma es6 opw onepagewonder cms bootstrap jquery analytics open source oss

midlothian-code / web-team

Chat related to developing/maintaining the Midlothian Code website and other web development projects

website open source contributors

midlothian-code / iOS-team

Chat related to developing/maintaining native iOS projects

iOS Apple open source contributors

midlothian-code / android-team

Chat related to developing/maintaining native Android OS projects

Android open source contributors

ApertusVR / Lobby

Your opensource Virtual Reality engine for Science, Education, and Industry.

virtual reality augmented reality open source engine library science education industry

FreezingMoon / Phaser

[Official Website] [Repository]

free open source game engine engine game javascript phaser