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kangax / fabric.js

Javascript Canvas Library, SVG-to-Canvas (& canvas-to-SVG) Parser

javascript canvas library svg-to-canvas canvas-to-svg parser

cucumber / gherkin

Cross platform parser for the Gherkin language. Used by Cucumber to parse .feature files.

cross platform parser gherkin language cucumber

markdown-it / markdown-it

Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed

javascript markdown parser commonmark support extensions

raml-org / raml-js-parser

A RAML parser based on PyYAML written in CoffeScript and available for use as NodeJs module or in-browser.

javascript raml parser based pyyaml written

Gitter / marked

A fork of the marked parser, customised for Gitter. Highly recommend using the original marked parser over this fork

javascript fork marked parser customised gitter

Constellation / iv

ECMAScript Lexer / Parser / Interpreter / VM / method JIT written in C++

ecmascript lexer parser interpreter vm method

picoe / Eto.Parse

Recursive descent LL(k) parser for .NET with Fluent API, BNF, EBNF and Gold Grammars

recursive descent llk parser net fluent

titipata / pubmed_parser

Python XML parser for PubMed Open Access and MEDLINE dataset

python xml parser pubmed open access

vinzenz / libpypa

libpypa is a Python parser implemented in pure C++

libpypa python parser implemented pure

bahrom-matyakubov / PyParser

Simple python parser to try and replicate the behavior of Python 2.x eval with minimal usage of built-ins

python simple parser replicate behavior 2x

hisamu / php-xbase

A simple parser for *.dbf files using PHP

php simple parser files

corsis / XParsec

extensible, type-and-source-polymorphic, non-linear applicative parser combinator library for F# 3.0

extensible non-linear applicative parser combinator

szaghi / FLAP

Fortran command Line Arguments Parser for poor people

fortran command line arguments parser poor

lepture / mistune

The fastest markdown parser in pure Python, inspired by marked.

python fastest markdown parser pure inspired

arnau / ISO8601

Ruby parser to work with ISO8601 dateTimes and durations — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601

ruby parser work iso8601 datetimes durations

skymeyer / Vatsimphp

This channel is no longer active - file a github issue to get in touch https://github.com/skymeyer/Vatsimphp/issues

php vatsimphp vatsim data parser

youxkei / ctpg

Compile-Time Parser (with converter) Generator in D programming language.

d compile-time parser converter generator programming