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clamtk / Lobby

ClamTk is a graphical front-end for ClamAV using Perl and Gtk libraries. It is designed to be an easy-to-use, lightweight, on-demand antivirus scanner for Linux systems. https://gitlab.com/dave_m/clamtk/-/wikis/Home

gtk perl-gtk2 perl gui security linux linux-desktop

biocoder / Perl-for-Bioinformatics

An attempt to help anyone interested in using Perl for Bioinformatics

perl attempt interested bioinformatics

bfad / lspec

LSpec is a Test-Driven Development tool for the Lasso language that gets its inspiration from RSpec

perl lspec test-driven development tool lasso

JJ / hoborg

A dieselpunk novel with Spanish-created robot hobos in a balcanized America at the beginning of the XX century

perl dieselpunk spanish-created robot hobos balcanized

Spike-Pentesting / App-witchcraft

A semi-automated Gentoo/Sabayon packages builder and repository mantainer, testing on steroids!

perl semi-automated packages builder repository mantainer

doy / text-handlebars

http://handlebarsjs.com/ for Text::Xslate

perl textxslate

binary-com / perl-Time-Duration-Concise-Localize

Another approach to convert time duration concise string to time duration and localize it in your own language

perl approach convert time duration concise

binary-com / perl-Apigee-Edge

An object-oriented interface to facilitate management of Developers and Apps using the Apigee.com 'Edge' management API.

perl object-oriented interface facilitate management developers

bzed / pkg-nagios-plugins-contrib

Mirror of the Debian nagios-plugins-contrib package

perl mirror debian package

andi1400 / ALC-Classification

The publication of the code we used to achieve our research results, that will be published soon on 2013 Workshop on Emotion and Computing, Konstanz, Germany.

perl publication code achieve research results

kberov / Ado

Ado - a rapid active commotion (framework for web projects on Mojolicious)

perl ado rapid active commotion framework

suricactus / ekatte2sql

ekatte2sql е срипт, който превръща информацията на Национален статистически институт (НСИ) от xls файлове в postgresql база данни.

perl ekatte2sql xls postgresql

cooper / juno

the current generation of juno-ircd, an IRC server daemon written in the Perl programming language. it's very modular and event-driven, designed specifically to be extensible and aims to implement all modern features of IRC, including those of many recently-defined specifications.

perl current generation juno-ircd irc server

karupanerura / Yomiuri

yet another blog authoring CLI tool and extension framework.

perl blog authoring cli tool extension