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dotliquid / dotliquid

.NET Port of Tobias Lütke's Liquid template language.

net port tobias liquid template language

billhsu / jUART

Cross platform browser plugin for serial port communication from JavaScript

cross platform browser plugin serial port

emlid / ardupilot

APM port for Navio. Working branch is navio. Instructions are available here:

apm port navio working branch instructions

princejwesley / angular-circular-slider

Angular port of circular slider which helps to slide range of values and images. It supports half(top/bottom/up/down) and full circle shapes

javascript angular port circular slider helps

RasPlex / RasPlex

Rasplex is a community driven port of Plex Home Theater for the Raspberry Pi

ruby rasplex community driven port plex

tysoncadenhead / javascript-life

This is a JavaScript port of the Game of Life devised by the British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970.

javascript port game life devised british

joshuaferrara / node-sgp4

A NodeJS port of python-sgp4 used for predicting and calculating orbital information of satellites.

javascript nodejs port python-sgp4 predicting calculating

portphp / portphp

Port: data import/export for PHP

port data php

tunnelvisionlabs / java-immutable

A port of System.Collections.Immutable to Java

java port

channingwalton / scala-contracts

A port of http://contracts.scheming.org/ - an implementation of Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering, by Simon Peyton Jones

scala a port of an implementation

DarkGigaByte / rollout

feature flipper - php port from fetlife/rollout (was jamesgolick/rollout)

php feature flipper port

AugustGhosts / EquinOX

A port of Debian Linux / Raspbian that you can place on an SD card. I'm trying to have it run on Rasberry Pi, but that's still questionable with all of the edits that are to be made.

shell port debian linux raspbian place

moul / node-slumber

Port of Python's slumber library -- (RESTful API library)

coffeescript port python slumber library --

OliverLetterer / mimetic

iOS port of mimetic (http://www.codesink.org/mimetic_mime_library.html)

shell ios port mimetic

yamadapc / haskell-drawille

Port of asciimoo/drawille to haskell.

haskell port

ht2 / couple

Port of https://github.com/ryansmith94/couple from JS to PHP. A library for coupling two objects together. This is useful for nested pattern matching.

php port js library coupling objects

mattbasta / itsdangerous-php

A PHP port of the `itsdangerous` Python library

php port python library

ebolwidt / cassowary-java

Optimized version of the port of the cassowary linear constraint solver to the Java language.

java optimized version port cassowary linear

voku / urlify

PHP port of URLify.js from the Django project. Transliterates non-ascii characters for use in URLs.

php port urlifyjs django project transliterates

SquareBracketAssociates / PharoLaserGameTutorial

A pharo port of the http://squeak.preeminent.org/tut2007/html/index.html excellent tutorial

tex pharo port excellent tutorial

rick68 / eigenjs

The goal of this project is to port Eigen library into JavaScript for linear algebar.

goal project port eigen library javascript

blackchair / md

A browser port of the basic HTML-to-markdown function in https://github.com/blackchair/spatula

javascript browser port basic html-to-markdown function

williamle8300 / hackathon-starter

A boilerplate for Node.js web applications. This particular port will use Nunjucks (templating), and PhantomJS.

css boilerplate nodejs web applications port