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fnando / i18n-js

It's a small library to provide the I18n translations on the Javascript. It comes with Rails support.

javascript small library provide i18n translations

open-rdc / orne_navigation

This repository provide basic navigation system for Tsukuba Challenge using i-Cart mini by Project ORNE.

shell repository provide basic navigation system

xiaohanyu / oh-my-emacs

Provide an awesome, out-of-box, literate dotemacs for both newbies and nerds.

provide awesome out-of-box literate dotemacs newbies

logankoester / grunt-phonegap

A Grunt plugin to provide local build tasks for Phonegap applications

coffeescript grunt plugin provide local build

fwbrasil / zoot

Thin reactive framework to provide and consume REST services

scala thin reactive framework provide consume

codeforcroatia / alaveteli

Provide a Freedom of Information request system for your jurisdiction

ruby provide freedom information request system

drmohundro / Find-String

A PowerShell script to provide functionality similar to grep or ack with highlighting.

powershell script provide functionality similar grep

RITAccess / accessmath

Integrating an iOS application with mimio to provide an accessible avenue towards learning and education.

objective-c integrating ios application mimio provide

waleedasif322 / dangle

A set of AngularJS directives that provide common D3 visualizations for elasticsearch

set angularjs directives provide common d3

jmas / storage

The Storage is PHP class that provide simple API for working with SQL database.

php storage class provide simple api

rodfernandez / pinguela

This library intends to provide an interface compatible with the W3C Network Service Discovery Working Draft 20 February 2014 that could be used with current and past browsers.

javascript library intends provide interface compatible

charettes / django-dynamic-choices

Provide FK and M2M dynamic choices and react to django.contrib.admin edit/add view interaction to update those choices

python provide fk m2m dynamic choices

limpyd / redis-limpyd

Provide an easy way to store python objects in Redis, without losing the power and the control of the Redis API

python provide easy store objects redis

Enrise / EnriseRestfulApi

ZF2 Module that aims to provide an easy and HMVC-like controller structure to easily construct a Restful Api with.

php zf2 module aims provide easy

riverspirit / promote-mdn-script

Provide an embed code that people can add to their sites and it will hyperlink keywords (like 'JavaScript') in the site's content to their relevant documentation on MDN.

javascript provide embed code people add

atheken / NoRM

NoRM is a MongoDB driver for .Net designed to provide access to strongly/statically-typed documents and collections.

norm mongodb driver net designed provide