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npgsql / npgsql

Npgsql is the .NET data provider for Postgresql. It allows any program developed for .NET framework to access a Postgresql database server. It is implemented in 100% C# code. Postgresql versions since 9.0 are officially supported, others may work.

npgsql net data provider postgresql program

VictorBjelkholm / ngProgress

Angular provider for slim loading bar at the top of the page ( inspired by https://github.com/rstacruz/nprogress )

javascript angular provider slim loading bar

displague / vagrant-linode

A Vagrant plugin that adds a Linode provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision Linodes.

ruby vagrant plugin adds linode provider

rtheunissen / oauth2-reddit

Reddit OAuth2 provider for league/oauth2-client

php reddit oauth2 provider

hackers4peace / plp-provider

merging `plp-provider` and `webprofiled`, but first making beautiful maps and timelines

javascript definitions reference implementation provider working