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akka / akka

This channel is available for all Akka enthusiasts—newbies as well as gurus—for the exchange of knowledge and the coordination of efforts around Akka. For more info see:

scala akka project public java distributed systems concurrency performance jvm

Codewars /

A place to chat about general Codewars topics. For help solving or authoring a kata, please see our other CW channels.

public repository codewarscom issues tracked wiki

numenta / public

Home of biologically-constrained machine intelligence research and technology.

public numenta chat nupic dev data science htm AI cortical computing

tidepool-org / public

Tidepool's public channel! We're replacing tidepool-org/chat with this one soon.

tidepool public channel replacing

bullgit / chat

welcome to public awesomeness! please chat in english.

public awesomeness chat english

bioexcel / general

PUBLIC chat for BioExcel folks and users


openspending / spendb

Next-gen web application for public finance data warehouses, formerly OpenSpending

python next-gen web application public finance

vocefiscal / pub

Placeholder repo so we can have a public repo-agnostic chatroom on Gitter.

placeholder repo public repo-agnostic chatroom gitter

Learnosity / Support

This is a public chat room to discuss Learnosity open source services. Please do not post anything you want to remain private.

public chat room discuss learnosity open

venzee / api-support

Welcome! You're in the right place for technical questions and advice around best practises. For account questions, contact

php public repository documentation sdk developer angular node.js api ecommerce retail manufacturing

appknox / support

A public repo to get feedback and issues related to Appknox

public repo feedback issues related appknox

Learnosity / learnosity-demos

This is a public chat room to discuss the Learnosity Demos site

php public chat room discuss learnosity

LukyVj / exchange

Exchange is a repository created to be used as a public personal chatroom on Gitter.

exchange repository created public personal chatroom

soumith / convnet-benchmarks

Easy benchmarking of all public open-source implementations of convnets

lua easy benchmarking public open-source implementations

erfindergarden / public

This is the public erfindergarden channel. Please feel free to ask us anything here…

erfindergarden public

ccTCP / discussion

Here anyone can join and ask questions/discuss ccTCP. To contribute go to

general discussion cctcp open public

ProactiveHealth / Developers

**CAUTION!** This chat room is public - anyone with a link to it can join. Act accordingly.

chat room public

ciudadanointeligente / write-it

App to create and send messages to public persons. It's a component of POPLUS project.

python app create send messages public

KixPanganiban / fleetph

Transport planning and booking for public transportation commuters

python transport planning booking public transportation

jappix / jappix-me

Jappix Me, the very first XMPP public profile viewer. Support for Microblog, Comments, vCard, Avatars & Bio.

php jappix xmpp public profile viewer

kensanata / elisp

Various elisp files for public consumption.

elisp files public consumption

solvebio / solvebio

Public issue tracker for the whole SolveBio platform.


rsvp / pub

public access chatroom (persistent IRC :-)

public chat rsvp

dockerstack / dockerstack-dashboard

This will have the dashboard to make necessary events on the Public and Private Cloud Infrastructures

javascript dashboard make events public private