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isair / JSONHelper

Lightning quick JSON deserialization for iOS & OS X written in Swift.

swift lightning quick json deserialization ios

sorich87 / bootstrap-tour

Quick and easy product tours with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers

css quick easy product tours twitter

tldrcode / tldrcode.com

Website that provides quick reference to multiple coding languages and libraries.

css website quick reference multiple coding

dwyl / learn-travis

A quick Travis CI (Continuous Integration) Tutorial for Node.js developers

javascript quick travis ci continuous integration

montaro / scala-kafka

Quick up and running using Scala for Apache Kafka

scala quick running apache kafka

asmodehn / wkcmake

Workshop CMake - For quick and easy CMake setup of project, based on simple folder and file naming conventions

workshop cmake quick easy setup project

asmodehn / WkCocos

Cocos wrapping for quick wkcmake convention based builds.

ruby cocos wrapping quick wkcmake convention

uconn / banner

A standalone version of the UConn banner for quick implementation.

css standalone version uconn banner quick

richlewis42 / scikit-chem

Quick attempt at a python scientific stack compatable cheminformatics library, based on the RDKit library.

python quick attempt scientific stack compatable

pavgup / pbkdf2-sha256

A quick implementation in C++ of PBKDF2 (PKCS #5) and SHA256

quick implementation pbkdf2 pkcs sha256

andrepadez / bashstrap

Bootstrap for your terminal. A quick way to spruce up OSX terminal. It cuts out the fluff, adds in timesaving features, and provides a solid foundation for customizing your terminal style. Based on Mathias Bynens epic dotfiles - https://github.com/mathiasbynens/dotfiles

shell bootstrap terminal quick spruce osx

Munamoto / docrails

Rails branch for quick doc fixes, please DO NOT OPEN PULL REQUESTS IN HERE

ruby rails branch quick doc fixes

usmansafi / docrails

Rails branch for quick doc fixes, please DO NOT OPEN PULL REQUESTS IN HERE

ruby rails branch quick doc fixes

rmanalan / service-tester

A quick and dirty GH hook tester <script>alert(1)</script>

quick dirty gh hook tester alert1

Stopy / php-the-right-way

An easy-to-read, quick reference for PHP best practices, accepted coding standards, and links to authoritative tutorials around the Web

easy-to-read quick reference php practices accepted

dcgauld / doodles.io

A free service that allows you to send quick doodles to friends, colleagues or clients.

javascript free service send quick doodles

baconface / nwFiddle

A quick, no thrills way to test NW.js code on jsFiddle.

javascript quick thrills test nwjs code