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vuejs / vue

Docs: | Twitter: @vuejs | Jsfiddle starter:

javascript intuitive fast composable mvvm building frontend reactive

ReactiveX / RxJava

RxJava – Reactive Extensions for the JVM – a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM.

java rxjava reactive extensions jvm library

akka / dev

This room is dedicated to discussions between Akka committers for coordinating the development process—for general questions and discussions around the usage of Akka please head over to akka/akka. For more info see:

room dedicated discussions akka committers coordinating scala java concurrency reactive

reactor / reactor

Reactor Core 3.0.5.RELEASE available, master on 3.0.6.BUILD-SNAPSHOT

java reactor foundational library building reactive

kamon-io / Kamon

The Open Source tool for monitoring applications running on the JVM

scala reactive applications monitoring

monix / monix

Asynchronous, Reactive Programming for Scala and Scala.js

scala reactive programming scalajs

paldepind / flyd

The minimalistic but powerful, modular, functional reactive programming library in JavaScript.

javascript minimalistic powerful modular functional reactive

gadicc / meteor-famous-views

Famous, the Meteor Way (with Reactive Blaze Templates/Views)

javascript famous meteor reactive blaze

widok / widok

Reactive web framework for the JVM and Scala.js | Current version: v0.2.4

scala reactive web framework scalajs

AngularClass / angular2-reactive-starter

Work in Progress: Angular 2 Reactive Starter Kit using Model View Intent (MVI)

javascript work progress angular reactive starter

advantageous / qbit

The Java microservice lib. QBit is a reactive programming lib for building microservices - JSON, HTTP, WebSocket, and REST. QBit uses reactive programming to build elastic REST, and WebSockets based cloud friendly, web services. SOA evolved for mobile and cloud.

java microservice lib qbit reactive programming

jodersky / flow

Reactive serial communication library for Akka and Scala.

scala reactive serial communication library akka

crcn / paperclip.js

reactive DOM template engine built for speed, and extensibility

javascript reactive dom template engine built

fwbrasil / zoot

Thin reactive framework to provide and consume REST services

scala thin reactive framework provide consume

colin-dumitru / F.js

Dead simple library for functional and reactive programming in JavaScript

javascript dead simple library functional reactive

tamirdresher / RxInAction

This respository includes the source code for the Reactive Extensions in Action book

respository includes source code reactive extensions

welcomer / framework

Personal, Reactive, Open, Private, Secure. Own and control YOUR data.

scala personal reactive open private secure

chillitom / ReactiveUI

An MVVM framework for .NET that integrates the Reactive Extensions (Rx) framework

mvvm framework net integrates reactive extensions

rec / echomesh

An array of noisy, reactive little computers.

array noisy reactive computers

idmitriev / hypr

Build UI components with reactive state. Render with react, virtual-dom or mithril.

javascript build ui components reactive state