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angular / flex-layout

Discussion Group for Angular Layout ideas, questions, and general problem-solving.

flexbox grid responsive layout typescript

yahoo / pure

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

css set small responsive modules web

amsul / pickadate.js

The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date & time input picker.

javascript mobile-friendly responsive lightweight jquery date

guardian / frontend

Source for the Guardian's responsive site, coming soon to a desktop near you...

javascript source guardian responsive site coming

CuriousSolutions / DateTimePicker

Responsive flat design jQuery DateTime Picker plugin for Web & Mobile

javascript responsive flat design jquery datetime

scottjehl / picturefill

A responsive image polyfill for <picture>, srcset, sizes, and more

javascript responsive image polyfill srcset sizes

itteco / iframely

Self-Hosted API for Responsive Embeds (oEmbed, Twitter Cards, Open Graph, Readability and more)

javascript self-hosted api responsive embeds oembed

jellekralt / Responsive-Tabs

Responsive Tabs is a jQuery plugin that provides responsive tab functionality. The tabs transform to an accordion when it reaches a CSS breakpoint. You can use this plugin as a solution for displaying tabs elegantly on desktop, tablet and mobile.

javascript responsive tabs jquery plugin tab

the-simian / Waffles

A responsive grid framework that supports automatic sizing and mixed fixed/ fluid layouts.

css responsive grid framework supports automatic

AlexRebula / WebDocs

WebDocs is a modern, responsive web theme created for web documentations. It is ready for you to simply start writing any kind of documentation.

css webdocs modern responsive web theme

developer-prosenjit / AnimatedResponsiveImageGrid

A jQuery plugin for creating a responsive image grid that will switch images using different animations and timings. This can work nicely as a background or decorative element of a website since we can randomize the appearance of new images and their transitions.

javascript jquery plugin creating responsive image

TITAN-UZ / Remodal

Flat, responsive, lightweight, easy customizable modal window jquery plugin with declarative state notation and hash tracking.

flat responsive lightweight easy customizable modal

steverichey / hot-dog-stand

A simple, responsive, mobile-first, agonizing, front-end CSS framework for developing the next generation of fully responsive web apps.

javascript simple responsive mobile-first agonizing front-end

monkeez / jeet

A light, semantic, responsive, CSS framework built from the best parts.

javascript light semantic responsive css framework

pibby / boilerplate

Starting point for responsive, html5, and css3 (LESS) projects with a sprinkle of scripting and grunt

css starting point responsive html5 css3

evanshajed / Landy-v1.0

A flexible one-page fully responsive HTML template for your app

css flexible one-page fully responsive html

voku / picturefill

A responsive image polyfill for <picture>, srcset, sizes, and more

responsive image polyfill srcset sizes

davidgovea / foundation

The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. Quickly create prototypes and production code for sites and apps that work on any kind of device.

javascript advanced responsive front-end framework world

pacificpelican / Haller-Lake-theme

a responsive blog theme with a simple menu for WordPress using Bootstrap 3

php responsive blog theme simple menu

pablohenrique6 / bootstrap

The most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

popular front-end framework developing responsive mobile

oatw / luda

A library helps to build cross-framework UI components.

front-end ui lightweight responsive