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spoqa / nirum

IDL compiler and RPC/distributed object framework for microservices

nirum rpc

0xCopy / RelaxFactory

CouchDb GWT Requestfactory and RPC async middle tier middleware

java couchdb gwt requestfactory rpc async

sunng87 / slacker

Transparent, non-invasive RPC by clojure and for clojure

clojure transparent non-invasive rpc

skthomasjr / NetClient.JsonRpc

Respository.NET is library containing the abstractions and fundamental types to support a generic and asynchronous repository.

async asynchronous generic http net client api service rpc json-rpc jsonrpc

Anemonis / json-rpc

json rpc json-rpc serializer

Anemonis / json-rpc-client

json rpc json-rpc client

Anemonis / aspnetcore-json-rpc

json rpc json-rpc aspnetcore