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ruRust / general

Основной канал. Анонсы после согласования с модераторами! Простые вопросы сюда: . Поддержите сообщество: . Правила: . Помощь в исправлении ошибок, отладке, технические вопросы. Оффтопик - . Сайт - . Форум -

rust general russian programming технические вопросы

diesel-rs / diesel

A safe, extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust – 1.0.0 out now!

rust sql postgresql sqlite orm

sashahilton00 / spotify-connect-resources

A hub for discussing the Spotify Connect protocol. Mainly focused around the plietar/librespot at the moment.

repository hold related reversing spotify connect java rust

dev-ua / rust

Chat for Rust developers FAQ:

rust rust-lang cargo mio iron Ukraine Eastern Europe ukrainian russian belorussian

gtk-rs / gtk

GTK+ 3.x bindings and wrappers for Rust

rust 3x bindings wrappers

kbknapp / clap-rs

A simple and efficient Command Line Argument Parser written in Rust

rust simple efficient command line argument

iron / iron

Middleware-Oriented, Concurrency Focused Web Development in Rust.

rust middleware-oriented concurrency focused web development

Way Cooler / way-cooler

Customizable Wayland compositor (window manager) written in Rust

way-cooler wayland rust linux

Kintaro / wtftw

Window Tiling For The Win. A tiling window manager written in Rust

rust window tiling win manager written

dpc / mioco

MIO COroutines, Use @dpc to ping my phone and (hopefully) get a fast reply

rust mio coroutines library handling connections

rustless / rustless

REST-like API micro-framework for Rust.

rust rest-like api micro-framework

bjz / gfx-rs

A lightweight graphics device manager for Rust

rust lightweight graphics device manager

actix / actix

Actix web is a small, fast, pragmatic, open source rust web framework.

rust web framework websockets async actor

ujh / iomrascalai

iomrascálaí is an AI for the game of Go/Weiqi/Baduk written in Rust

rust ai game written go igo baduk weiqi

libOctavo / octavo

Highly modular & configurable hash & crypto library

crypto rust hash

moriturus / Concurrent

Swift's concurrency programming library influenced by Go and Rust

swift concurrency programming library influenced rust

0X1A / core-utils

A reimplementation of the GNU core utils in the Rust programming language

rust reimplementation gnu core utils programming

danReynolds / Splash

A Systems Programming Language Shell written in Rust, a systems programming language.

rust systems programming language shell written

madkinder / dailyprogrammer

Solutions to challenges submitted to /r/dailyprogrammer

rust solutions challenges submitted