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gambit / gambit

Gambit is an efficient implementation of the Scheme programming language.

c gambit efficient implementation scheme programming

Ol / Lobby

Otus Lisp is a purely* functional dialect of Lisp http://yuriy-chumak.github.io/ol/ https://twitter.com/otus_lisp

ol otus lisp lisp scheme programming

fourthbit / spheres

Spheres - A set of tools and libraries for real-life Scheme. Multiplatform and Mobile.

scheme spheres set tools libraries real-life

jaor / geiser

emacs and scheme talk to each other

emacs scheme talk

robotlolita / harmonia

Typed (Smalltalk × Haskell × Scala × Scheme) little-bastard-child that compiles to JavaScript.

clojure typed smalltalk haskell scala scheme

mlsteele / pictures-and-languages

An exploration in graphical description languages. (6.945 Final Project)

scheme an exploration in graphical description

Grokzen / salty-windows

My state and modules that i have created for windows in salt-stack

scheme state modules created windows salt-stack