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Southclaw / ScavengeSurvive

A PvP SA:MP server script built upon the SIF framework, the aim of the game is to find supplies to help you survive, either alone or in a group. The overall objective is to build a stable community and defend it from hostile players.

pawn pvp samp server script built

scriptish / scriptish

The greatest user script engine on the Internet (a fork of Greasemonkey).

javascript greatest user script engine internet

drmad / tmux-git

Script for showing current Git branch in Tmux status bar

shell script showing current git branch

4refr0nt / luatool

Small python script for loading init.lua to ESP8266 nodemcu firmware

python small script loading initlua esp8266

JohnTroony / LUKS-OPs

A bash script to automate the most basic usage of LUKS volumes in Linux.

shell bash script automate basic usage

vojtech-dobes / nette.ajax.js

Flexible utility script for AJAX in Nette Framework. Supports snippets, redirects etc.

javascript flexible utility script ajax nette

carlwolff / laptop

A shell script which turns your Linux or Mac OS X laptop into an awesome development machine.

shell script turns linux mac os

jhubert / hubot-tweeter

A hubot script that allows users to tweet from a common twitter account

coffeescript hubot script users tweet common

SidneyS / cordova-autocrosswalk

Shell / Bash script to auto-convert Cordova 3.6 projects to Cordova Crosswalk.

shell bash script auto-convert cordova projects

gianpaj / boot2docker-mongodb

Bash script to start a MongoDB sharded cluster using docker on OS X (via boot2docker)

shell bash script start mongodb sharded

drmohundro / Find-String

A PowerShell script to provide functionality similar to grep or ack with highlighting.

powershell script provide functionality similar grep

Kuniwak / vint

Fast and Highly Extensible Vim script Language Lint implemented by Python.

python fast highly extensible vim script

una / sass-director

An app that generates a shell script to build a directory structure based on your Sass manifest file

css app generates shell script build

stvhwrd / Ticker

Script to display a constantly updating score ticker of current NHL games in play

python script display constantly updating score

kblake / smooth-scroll

A simple vanilla JS script to animate scrolling to anchor links.

javascript simple vanilla js script animate

panique / php-login

A simple PHP & MySQL login script collection. Download the stable master or have a look into the develop branch for newest features. If you want to commit changes, please always push into develop branch! ;)

php simple mysql login script collection

nmaro / trending-value

Python script that scrapes the web and computes the trending value portfolio.

python script scrapes web computes trending

curiositry / flexbox_functions

This simple script makes Flexbox development painless while keeping your CSS manageable & easy to maintain.

php simple script makes flexbox development

ignazioc / xcodeci_deprecated

Ruby script for build/test/archive/distribuite iOS application.

ruby script ios application

seadb / replaceAll

A lightweight python script that reads a list of files, a word to find, and a word to replace it with.

python lightweight script reads list files

brightbit / bin_setup

Setup script to bootstrap your projects (convention required)

shell setup script bootstrap projects convention

yassineS / s3getlist

A simple script that allows the user to download a list of files from an AWS S3 bucket.

simple script user download list files

sdnds-tw / ryuInstallHelper

This is a automatic installation script for install Ryu on Ubuntu 12.04+.

shell automatic installation script install ryu

torus / Lua-Objective-C-Bridge

Bridge between Lua and Objective-C which allows you to call a Objective-C method from a Lua script using NSInvocation.

objective-c bridge lua call method script

dramalho / PHotoimPorter

A simple PHP script to import images and later organize them in a directory scheme

php simple script import images organize

noqqe / statistical

statistical is a tiny easy-to-use bash script for visualizing simple data in your terminal.

shell statistical tiny easy-to-use bash script