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mailboxer / mailboxer

A Rails gem to send messages inside a web application

ruby rails gem send messages inside

z3t0 / Arduino-IRremote

Infrared remote library for Arduino: send and receive infrared signals with multiple protocols

infrared remote library arduino send receive

AcalephStorage / consul-alerts

A simple daemon to send notifications based on Consul health checks

go simple daemon send notifications based

hugobrilhante / django-gcm-android-ios

django-gcm-android-ios is a simple Django app to send a message using GCM HTTP connection server protocol.

python simple django app send

kncgroup / bitcoin-wallet

KnC Bitcoin Wallet - Send Bitcoin to your phone book contacts

java knc bitcoin wallet send phone

tunnckoCore / ama

instead of sending me email use the issue tracker to send me messages

sending email issue tracker send messages

ciudadanointeligente / write-it

App to create and send messages to public persons. It's a component of POPLUS project.

python app create send messages public

mindhelix / mqtt-cli

A node command line app to send mqtt messages through a mqtt broker. Can also be used to subscribe and listen to incoming messages on a topic.

javascript node command line app send

markgandolfo / http-to-sqs

HTTP -> SQS, send a payload via http, and have it pushed to an sqs queue

http sqs send payload pushed queue

yazgoo / fuse_kafka

Intercepts all writes to specified directories and send them to kafka brokers

python intercepts writes directories send kafka

mikaelbr / gulp-notify

A plugin for Gulp to send messages to Mac Notification Center

javascript plugin gulp send messages mac

guglielmino / arduino-pushetta-lib

Pushetta is a Web API that provides an unificated way to send realtime notifications to multiple devices. Used with Arduino Yun it's possible to send alert, informations or any data in realtime to groups of subscribers (more on www.pushetta.com)

pushetta web api unificated send realtime

dcgauld / doodles.io

A free service that allows you to send quick doodles to friends, colleagues or clients.

javascript free service send quick doodles

yannickcr / gulp-notify-growl

A custom notifier for gulp-notify to send messages to Growl clients using GNTP

javascript custom notifier gulp-notify send messages

mmlac / tail2kafka

Tail a log file and send log lines automatically to a kafka topic

python tail log file send lines