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yeoman / yeoman

Yeoman - a set of tools for automating development workflow.

shell yeoman set tools automating development

yahoo / pure

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

css set small responsive modules web

pristineio / webrtc-build-scripts

Note: we're not always in, but we get email notifications about activity!

shell set build scripts building webrtc

Ranks / emojione

Emoji One is a carefully engineered first-of-its-kind set of emoji designed specifically for the web. For the first time ever, web-sites worldwide can translate emoji code from mobile devices and legally display the corresponding emoji icon for their users. Of course… it's 100% free!

php emoji carefully engineered first-of-its-kind set

creative / coding

Welcome to the Creative Coding Chat. Set yourself up, let your mind be free, your expressions be infinite. Please remember chat archives are public. We're all friends here! :]

creative coding chat set mind free

sovereign / sovereign

A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more.

php set ansible playbooks build maintain

bennyguitar / Colours

A beautiful set of predefined colors and a set of color methods to make your iOS/OSX development life easier.

objective-c beautiful set predefined colors color

dennisdoomen / CSharpGuidelines

A set of coding guidelines for all C# versions up to 7.3, design principles and layout rules for improving the overall quality of your code development.

powershell set coding guidelines design principles

cloudfoundry-community / cf-java-component

A set of libraries for building Cloud Foundry components on the Java platform

java set libraries building cloud foundry

bvaughn / angular-form-for

Set of Angular directives to simplify creating and validating HTML forms.

javascript set angular directives simplify creating

softlayer / softlayer-python

A set of Python libraries that assist in calling the SoftLayer API.

python set libraries assist calling softlayer

ShoppinPal / vend-nodejs-sdk

Aims to provides a rich set of client-side functionality for Vend's public APIs

javascript aims rich set client-side functionality

fourthbit / spheres

Spheres - A set of tools and libraries for real-life Scheme. Multiplatform and Mobile.

scheme spheres set tools libraries real-life

SC5 / cerebellum

Cerebellum.js is a powerful set of tools that help you structure your isomorphic apps, just add your preferred view engine.

javascript cerebellumjs powerful set tools structure

Exxarion / WorldGM

Set different gamemodes for different worlds

php set gamemodes worlds

nohana / Laevatein

Photo image selection activity set library. Currently under development.

java photo image selection activity set

sedouard / azure-mongodb-ubuntu

An unofficial set of Bash scripts to build out a simple MongoDB replica set, designed for Microsoft Azure Linux compute VMs.

shell unofficial set bash scripts build

Zadielerick / material-ui

A Set of React Components that Implement Google's Material Design.

javascript set react components implement google

tpaviot / pythonocc

A set of python bindings to OCE/OCC libraries

set python bindings libraries

mypebble / mapped-fields

An set of form fields to make it easier to accept semi-structured data and map it directly to your own Django Models and Forms

python set form fields make easier

micahstubbs / midi4ahk

A set of of utilities for using MIDI Input with AutoHotkey

xslt set utilities midi input autohotkey

amoedo / CRM-Fluent-Extension

A set of extension to the CRM SDK to enable a more fluent interface.

set extension crm sdk enable fluent

bechtoldt / saltstack-opennebula-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure the cloud management platform OpenNebula

saltstack salt stack formula set configure

DanRJ / quiz_concurrency

A server can be set up, and a version of the client adapted with the proper IP-address given out, launch it with cmd/or an IDE. Allows as many users as the server can handle

java server set version client adapted

JaimeLynSchatz / HTML5-Reset

A simple set of best practices to get HTML5 projects off on the right foot.

javascript simple set practices html5 projects

ahmadajmi / css-helpers

A small CSS library that provides a set of CSS helper classes.

css small library set helper classes

zzarcon / focusable

Set a spotlight focus on DOM element adding a overlay layer to the rest of the page

javascript set spotlight focus dom element

ombr / dotfiles

A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files.

viml set vim zsh git tmux

waleedasif322 / dangle

A set of AngularJS directives that provide common D3 visualizations for elasticsearch

set angularjs directives provide common d3

kindleit / gkit

GKit is a set of combinator libraries which can ultimately be turned into powerful, composable REST servers.

scala gkit set combinator libraries ultimately

dresden-ocl / dresdenocl

Dresden OCL provides a set of tools to parse and evaluate OCL constraints on various models like UML, EMF and Java. Furthermore Dresden OCL provides tools for Java/AspectJ and SQL code generation.

java dresden ocl set tools parse

bechtoldt / saltstack-network-formula

Salt Stack Formula to set up and configure a host's network configuration

saltstack salt stack formula set configure