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ankurp / Dollar

A functional tool-belt for Swift Language similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore.js in Javascript

swift functional tool-belt language similar lo-dash ios

tgjones / gemini

Gemini is an IDE framework similar in concept to the Visual Studio Shell. It uses AvalonDock 2.0 and has an MVVM architecture based on Caliburn Micro.

gemini ide framework similar concept visual

buggins / ddbc

DDBC is DB Connector for D language (similar to JDBC)

d ddbc db connector language similar

nekojarashi / send_zip

Sends the files with being zipped dynamically. Similar interface to "send_file" of Rails.

ruby sends files zipped dynamically similar

girishramnani / QuizPlatform

quiz platform ,having offline handling and features similar to the moodle platform

quiz platform offline handling features similar

blinkmobile / hybrid-app

similar approach to Ionic View and Sencha Space, but open

similar approach ionic view sencha space

d4l3k / WebSync

WebSync is a document editing tool similar to Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive.

javascript websync document editing tool similar

kunquat / kunquat

Kunquat is a music sequencer similar to tracker programs.

c kunquat music sequencer similar tracker

eddiejaoude / upandcomingphpdevs

Similar to FollowPHPDevs but for up and coming developers (new blood)

html similar followphpdevs coming developers blood

drmohundro / Find-String

A PowerShell script to provide functionality similar to grep or ack with highlighting.

powershell script provide functionality similar grep

MyBBStuff / MyAlerts

A simple notification/alert system for MyBB similar to IPB and XenForo's core implementations of user notifications.

php simple system mybb similar ipb

hatred / Vector

A dummy implementation similar to the STL vector class supporting Lazy copy-on-write

dummy implementation similar stl vector class

mz2 / AMOptionMenu

Multi-option popup button, similar to Xcode 'Overview' control

objective-c multi-option popup button similar xcode

lmjabreu / AQGridView

A grid view for iPhone/iPad, designed to look similar to NSCollectionView.

objective-c grid view designed similar nscollectionview