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kriasoft / react-starter-kit

Isomorphic web app boilerplate ♥ ♥ | open hours:

javascript facebook react starter kit skeleton

nbpalomino / Silex-Skeleton

My Silex skeleton: composer.phar create-project fabpot/silex-skeleton

php silex skeleton composerphar create-project

elgervb / skeletonSPA

Skeleton for a Single Page Application using Angular & Gulp

css skeleton single page application angular

Anachron / mimosa-marionette

Fork of, works as Skeleton for Mimosa.

coffeescript fork works skeleton mimosa

huafu / brunch-with-ember-and-bootstrap

A Brunch skeleton for developing Ember applications with CoffeeScript, Stylus and Twitter Bootstrap

coffeescript brunch skeleton developing ember applications

growdigital / wordpress-app

WordPress app skeleton using Composer, dotenv etc. Inspired by

php wordpress app skeleton composer dotenv

russomi / app-engine-starter

I use this to create the basic app engine skeleton project for quick prototyping.

python create basic app engine skeleton

timlind / php-skel

A bare essentials skeleton for a portable PHP app repo, for lighttpd.

shell bare essentials skeleton portable php

andystanton / glfw-skeleton

A skeleton C++11 OpenGL 3.2 app that uses the GLFW, GLEW and GLM libraries and builds with CMake. Bandit is used for unit testing.

skeleton opengl app glfw glew glm