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goatslacker / alt

A flux implementation that is small, tested, terse, and meant to be used with ES6

javascript flux implementation small tested terse

lihaoyi / scalatags

ScalaTags is a small XML/HTML construction library for Scala.

scala scalatags small construction library

VeliovGroup / Meteor-Files

Upload, Store and Download small and huge files to/from file system (FS) via DDP and HTTP

coffeescript upload store download small huge

yahoo / pure

A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

css set small responsive modules web

fmtlib / fmt

Small, safe and fast formatting library for C++

small safe fast formatting library

gpbl / isomorphic500

A small “isomorphic” app built with React and Fluxible

javascript small app built react fluxible

fnando / i18n-js

It's a small library to provide the I18n translations on the Javascript. It comes with Rails support.

javascript small library provide i18n translations

tmbdev / clstm

A small C++ implementation of LSTM networks, focused on OCR.

small implementation lstm networks focused ocr

purr-platform / purr

A small, portable functional language for writing highly concurrent web servers.

javascript small portable functional language writing

panique / huge

Simple user-authentication solution, embedded into a small framework.

php simple user-authentication solution embedded small

c-cube / ocaml-containers

A small standard library extension, string library, and interfaces to various libraries (bigarrays, unix, etc.) BSD license.

ocaml small standard library extension string

algarecu / hbase-0.94.8-qod

HBase-QoD: enforce QoD vector-field consistency model on top of HBase

java hbase-qoda small hack hbase enforce

castorflex / SmoothProgressBar

A small Android library allowing you to have a smooth and customizable horizontal indeterminate ProgressBar

java small android library allowing smooth

pczcanda / accessibility-web

This is a small library to help improve the accessibility of web pages: use of ARIA roles and other helpers for accessibility

html small library improve accessibility web

4refr0nt / luatool

Small python script for loading init.lua to ESP8266 nodemcu firmware

python small script loading initlua esp8266

oktayacikalin / gtk-theme-variant-switcher

A small service which forces certain windows to use a specific gtk theme variant. E.g. force dark window borders.

python small service forces windows specific

migrating-ravens / RavenMigrations

A small migrations framework to help you manage your RavenDB Instance.

small migrations framework manage ravendb instance

jgordijn / process

A small framework to define long running (persistent)processes.

scala small framework define long running

jirac / jirac

Small utility to automate comment creation for Git-versioned Maven projects.

shell small utility automate comment creation

GsDevKit / Mapless

Mapless is a small framework for storing objects in a key->data fashion (i.e.: noSQL databases) without requiring any kind of object-data map using MongoDB and Redis as backend

smalltalk mapless small framework storing objects

svanzoest-cookbooks / camo

Configures camo - a small http proxy to simplify routing images through an SSL host

ruby configures camo small http proxy

auremoser / fellowship

small repo to track tasks for the open news fellowship and manage them publicly

python small repo track tasks open

smmankad / BLOB2File

This is a small console program created in C# which dumps SQL Server BLOBs to files on the hard disk.

small console program created dumps sql

kato-im / cowboy

Small, fast, modular HTTP server written in Erlang.

erlang small fast modular http server

epam / xframework

XFramework, or XF, is a small but powerful HTML5 JavaScript framework for building truly cross-platform web applications that will work on mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and even Smart TVs.

javascript xframework xf small powerful html5

panique / mini

Just an extremely simple naked PHP application, useful for small projects and quick prototypes.

php extremely simple naked application small

7even / zodiac

A small gem for calculating zodiac sign from a date of birth

ruby small gem calculating zodiac sign

ahmadajmi / css-helpers

A small CSS library that provides a set of CSS helper classes.

css small library set helper classes

Elvisozoria / Delonix0.2

second beta of the site,focus on servin small customer and startups

html beta sitefocus servin small customer

Aweary / microbe.js

A small, easy to use Node.js framework for serving simple websites using the Handlebars template engine.

javascript small easy nodejs framework serving

davidwaterston / eslint-plugin-objects

A small collection of [ESLint](https://www.github.com/eslint/eslint) rules that enforce more strict stylistic conventions for the layout of multi-property objects.

javascript small collection rules enforce strict

kpko / OData.js

A small and easy to use library for creating OData queries.

javascript small easy library creating odata

ErikOrjehag / simple-graphics-library

SDL is a small library designed to help windows C++ developers to draw stuff with very little effort.

sdl small library designed windows developers